How To Work Under A Car Without A Lift?

The most obvious reason to jack up a car is to change a pneumatic tire, but you may also need to work on other task areas, such as examining the brakes. The observation of basic measures is highly needed before you jack up your automobile. Jack stands should be the only safe way to work in a car.

Whenever we plan to maintain our autos, it is likely that they will have to be off the ground. The tire must be a couple of inches off the ground to remove a wheel. Here are the methods and precautions on how to work under a car without a lift.

Dangers Of Working Under A Car Without A lift

It may be fatal to work in a vehicle supported by a Jack. World over, a truck they worked in has crushed and murdered countless individuals in the recent decade. Most of the deaths were males who had lifted or supported the truck incorrectly. Home mechanics are particularly vulnerable to death or injury of this type.

In most cases, automobiles with vehicle support stands were not adequately supported. The vehicle was reduced to the worker’s head. In some cases, the cars have not been fastened by wheel shocks and the trucks have been rolling. On average, jacks each year involve 160 injuries.

How To Work Under A Car Without A Lift?

Make sure you do that on stable, level ground before you jack up your car. Never gravel, or earth/dirt, or on a path! Do not believe that placing some wood beneath the jack is enough if the ground is not strong. Be sure always – the last thing you want is to have a car collapse on you! So always be very careful.

Also, never support the automobile on bricks, blades, or the like – without notice, they might break and fail. Here is a complete guide as to how to work under your car without a basic lift-

1. Using A Jack To Lift

While the jacket that comes in your car is good to change a wheel in an emergency along the road, if you want to work under your car, it should not be trusted. They’re not the world’s most stable stuff and while they are working as they should when you swap the replacement tire if you get below the car and start swinging on the jack!

Therefore – always have a jack-up to the task. All jackets have weight restrictions and, for example, for a 2-ton jack to lift a 2,5-ton car, while you always want a safe margin, it’s safe because you don’t lift the entire weight of the car at any time. Jack only is not a good answer to how to work under a car without a lift.

2. Always Use A Wheel Choke

A set of wheel chocks to the hand is reasonable. You can buy or make these from solid wood. These should be unsafe instead of weighing any weight and should always be positioned under any not higher wheels. You can obviously also use the handbrake for additional protection and leave the car in the gear.

3. Jack Stands

It’s time to put your axle stands once you have the automobile at the desired height. Despite the name, they do not have to be positioned underneath the axles but underneath, like jacking points, strong anywhere that supports the weight of the automobile.

Once in place, raise your stands up to the right height (ensure that the locking pin/lever is in the right place, progressively reduce the jacket so that the weight of the car is on the stand. You can maintain a jack on the safe side of it, but don’t unbalance a car or fight the stands in any manner. You have to fit the stands somewhere else before you get under the car – if it moves.

4. The Alternates

Ramps allow you to climb into your automobile fast and safely and are a good answer to how to work under a car without a lift. Quicker and easier to use than a jack. Get ramps that can take your car’s weight, always put the hand brakes on/off the truck and chock the wheels. Probably more severe, however still a choice – it can be quick and easy to dig a pit in your garage under your automobile.

However, they have significant disadvantages. A fire-shaft jack is needed to lift the wheels off the ground – and they are quite expensive in eyes compared to standard jackets; you need adequate drainage in order to avoid water from the flow of the pit, and if you work, fire-shake drugs can be unbelievably deadly.

When Not To Work Under Your Car?

The failure of the jack stand is quite unlikely. They are pretty robust metal parts and can usually carry a lot greater load. User error can occur quite simply, on the other hand. The common problems are that either on the floor or on the vehicle and on the floor is not positioned properly. If you are working on heavy tranny items such as the transmission or engine, you must not attempt to do it alone. Always seek professional help if you are unsure about the project. 

Similarly your truck may get stuck in muddy areas, but do not try to lift it, you need pull it with another vehicle or try to rev your engine enough to get it out itself.

Cost Of Jacking Equipments

A good pair of jack stands can be had at the hardware store for under 500$. Wheel chokes are also available and you can buy good stuff for under 100$ mark. A heavy-duty 2.5 or 3-ton jack can be purchased for under 300$. Always make sure that you are buying a quality product that has some tough durability standards.


So it can be concluded that how to work under a car without a lift is an easy job, provided that you have followed all the required safety precautions. Never ever compromise on the safety factor and always adhere to the instructions of your equipment. Do not use red neck methods such as concrete or wooden blocks because they can either crush or slip under heavy vehicle loads.

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