What Does Service Trailer Brake System Mean?

The trailer brake system is used by car manufacturers for trailer braking and safety system. In this post, we’ll know what does service trailer brake system mean.

It indicates a problem with the trailer brake wiring or module, which is interfering with the power supply from the tow truck to the trailer. Aside from the error message, this will cause a couple of other symptoms.

What Does Service Trailer Brake System Mean?

what does service trailer brake system mean

When you see the service trailer brake system message on your dashboard, it means there is a problem with the trailer brake or module’s electrical wiring. This prevents the truck’s power supply or electricity from flowing to the trailer.

To turn off the trailer brake system, simply unplug the brake controller. When the brake controller is disconnected, no power is supplied to the brakes.

If you encounter any of the issues listed above, or if you simply see the service trailer brake controller error message, make sure to reset the trailer brake as soon as possible before it leads to an unexpected accident or damage.

1. Cause Of The Error

what does service trailer brake system mean

Our post on what does service trailer brake system mean we found various issues which causes error in trailer system.There are a few indicators that your trailer brakes need to be serviced that you should be aware of. Check your trailer brake system if you notice any of the following symptoms:

1. Bad Relay

Most trailer brake control systems have connections to the relay above the spare tire, so check those and see if the relay is in good working order. If there is any corrosion or damage to the relay, it must be replaced.

2.  Wiring Harness Is Dirty

Debris can sometimes get into the wiring socket and cause errors or bad connections. To keep the connections working properly, clean them and apply some dielectric grease to them.

3. Trailer Wiring Issue

If your trailer is wired incorrectly, it can send signals and feedback to your vehicle’s sensors, resulting in this code.
Check your trailer’s wiring to ensure that everything is properly wired, and make sure you didn’t knock anything loose during maintenance, such as adjusting your trailer brakes.

4. Your Trailer Brake Controller is defective.

If you believe your integrated brake controller has failed, replacing it with an aftermarket brake controller is usually much less expensive than repairing the integrated one that came with your vehicle.

2. Fixing The Trailer Brake System

what does service trailer brake system mean

As we proceed to repair the brake system, the following quick fixes may be the solution to your trailer brake system problem-

The Trailer Brake Control System must be replaced.

First, check the trailer brake control system to see if it is working properly. The towing dashboard, also known as the trailer brake control system, is located on the side panel of your truck and controls the trailer brake. Replace it with a new one if it is broken.

The controller is simple to replace. Remove the side panel. The broken controller should then be removed. Change it with the new one. Finally, close the panel.

3. Service Trailer Brake System Reset

It is not difficult to turn off the “Service Trailer Brake System.” There are only a few steps to the procedure. However, you must have the necessary tools to do so.

1. Locate the Trailer Adjustment Nut

Determine the location of the trailer’s adjustment nut. Most vehicles have it in the back of the trailer’s brakes.

2. Loosen the Lock Nut with the Screwdriver

The lock nut on the adjustment nut secures it to the trailer brake. To loosen this lock nut, use a flathead screwdriver. Loosening this lock nut will allow you to move on to the next step more quickly.

3. Clockwise turn the Adjustment Nut

You can now free the adjustment nut once the locknut has been removed. The following step is to turn the adjustment nut clockwise. Continue doing so until it is snug against the component’s backing plate. If you follow these three steps correctly, you will have successfully reset the trailer brake system.


Q. Is Driving  With a Service Trailer Brake System Error Safe?

A. You may be able to drive a vehicle while receiving the service trailer brake error message. However, you must refrain from towing any load until the problem is resolved. Failure to address the issue may cause long-term damage to your brakes and result in unexpected accidents.

As a result, while driving with a trailer brake controller error message is possible, it is neither safe nor ideal.

Q. What Does ‘Service Trailer Brake System’ Mean on My Dashboard?

A. When the service trailer brake system message appears on your dashboard, it indicates that something is wrong with your trailer brake system.

If you see this warning message, you must stop using your trailer. Continued use of the trailer may result in an accident or damage to your vehicle and trailer.


We hope you liked our post on what does service trailer brake system mean. When the trailer brake system fails, a message appears on the screen. It could be a functional or a manufacturing issue. It may be difficult to determine what and where the problem is.

As a result, use your instincts to understand the problem, locate the appropriate location, and address it first. We recommend testing both solutions one at a time. Check the wires and fuses as well if there is a bad connection.


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