How To Tell If Water Pump Is Bad? [5 Signs]

The water pump in your automobile does play a vital role in keeping you safe on the road but it’s certainly not as critical as the engine or the brakes. The engine of your vehicle is full of elements that send off unbelievable heat and friction while running.

The water pump runs coolant through the motor block, sleeves, and heaters continuously, ensuring all is maintained at a safe temperature, so it is important to know when they go bad. Learn how to tell if water pump is bad in this article.

Why Water Pump Go Bad?

Should a water pump endure 100,000 miles without problems, that is around 110 pools of average size, one small pump would live. You cannot think a pump can last for so long – and many do – but due to other aspects of the cooling system, many fail prematurely. Here are the reasons for water pump failure-

1. Water Pump Bearing Failure

Water pump bearing failure is a common term when you learn about how to tell if water pump is bad. Check the condition of the bearing with the engine off and look for a side-by-side game. There should be no play at all to apply hand pressure. In addition, vibrations from the water pump that rumble or shout is indicative of wear.

Excessive wear results from misalignment of a belt. The bearing is overloaded by an over-tensioning belt, which accelerates wear. The coolant leaks through the rollers and washes the lubricator with a damaged mechanical seal.

2. Rust Build Up In The Water Pump

Rust and corrosion on water pump surfaces, e.g. corrosion of the pump fins, prevents the pump from moving the coolant: Contaminated coolant, non-compatible coolant, or various chemicals combining coolants. A malfunctioning pressure cap creating air bubbles may be another probable factor that accelerates the corrosion process.

3. Manufacturing Defects In The pump

The shaft is either curved or fractured. A clean break shows a quick overburden or unbalances that is an “instantaneous” fracture. The damage, with an excessive amount of heat build-up, before the wave breaks down the shaft, is colored (typically blue).

Excessive wear results from misalignment of a belt. An over-tensioned band applies strong stress on the shaft to bend or to fracture the early shaft. Maintenance failure is excessive vibration.

How To Tell If Water Pump Is Bad?

Due to corrosion within the cold system or an uneven water pump shaft, the water pumps may break early. If the water pump shaft has a mechanical fan mounted, vibration is a result of a bent fan blade, and this can lead to cracks or disruptions of the shaft. Here is how you can detect a bad water pump-

1. Leaking Anti Freeze

A sight of coolant on the ground where you have parked your car is one of the first indicators of a potentially malfunctioning water pump. The pump consists of different gaskets and sticks that are dried out, cracked, or broken at the end. The coolant leaks from the pump when this occurs.

You should bring your car into a repair shop as soon as possible if you detect puddles of orange, green, pink, or blue liquid peeling off the route after your car has sat for a long. 

2. Bad Grinding Sound From Pump

When you speed up, is your car whining? It’s probably because of a loose belt of accessories that is causing irritating, highly pitched sound. Loose belts are generally a consequence of a loose squash or covers which need to be tightened or replaced.

You can take your car for inspection to prevent the possibility of a failing water pump and a much costlier replacement when you hear a whining sound from the front of your engine.

3. Overheating Engine

Have you noticed that your vehicle has a temperature gauge up? It could signal your water pump is leaving. The risk is high because you are in danger of engine failure. Immediately bring your car to the technician for inspection when you realize that it overheats.

Just like any auto emergency, it is crucial for yourself, other drivers, and your vehicle to know the appropriate actions to reduce the danger of damage. It’s best to be safe than sorry – don’t jeopardize your safety, like most automotive problems. Call a tow truck and obtain a quick diagnosis of your vehicle.

4. Rust Deposite Around Water Pump

If a minor leak occurs in the pump, the pump itself will gradually accumulate muck or rust. This may be caused by a non-compatible coolant or by a malfunctioning air pressure cap. In any case, the movement of the coolant through the engine will make your pump less efficient, resulting in a complete failure.

Rust factor is important to keep in mind when you learn about how to tell if water pump is bad and its associated symptoms.

5. Signs Of Steam From Under The Hood

It is a warning that something major is wrong with your car if you observe steam floating down from below your hood. The coolant cannot be moved anymore through the machine when the water pump fails completely; this results in overheating.

If you detect steam, immediately pull over, and call your mechanic, so that it can be totally replaced by an overheated engine if you drive again.

Should You Drive With A Bad Water Pump?

You cannot drive the car while causing more difficulties and resulting in expensive repairs. The vehicle can be started, the nearest mechanic or car repair shop is reached and the water pump may be fixed.

It can overheat and cause severe damage to your motor vehicle if you drive a car with a defective water pump for a long time. And that’s the last thing that you want to do. Therefore, an automobile with a defective water pump is not advisable.

Cost Of Replacement Of Water pump

The average cost of water substitutes is 550 dollars, and prices are from 461 dollars to 638 dollars in the United States in 2021. But the vehicle type to which you drive and the car repair shop to which you go often vary the cost. Working expenditures range from $256 to $324 while parts range from $205 to $314. Estimated fees and taxes are not included.


It is important to learn how to tell if water pump is bad, as it can be a life savior for your engine. The knowledge will prevent you from having an expensive expenditure at hand. If you still have any questions then comment down below

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