How To Turn On Passenger Airbag?

When an adult is spotted in the passenger seat, the front airbags will automatically switch on. This is shown by the lighting word ON on the center console PASSENGER AIRBAG control. However, even if an adult is in the passenger seat, the airbag may not be on. If so, the word OFF on the control will appear. Do not drive your vehicle if the aircar bag control does not check the passenger’s seat.

Learn how to turn on passenger airbag in this article. It is a very important skill to learn as it can be a decisive figure when it comes to the life and death of the passenger.

Why Passenger Airbag Is Turned Off?

Did your car get a light pop on which your passenger airbag is turned on-off light? Something like that may occur for some causes. The first major consideration here is whether the seat is occupied or not. If your seat is taken by a person or something else, the airbag is likely to be off for a reason.

The AIRBAG is one of the most significant car safety components. However, sometimes the passenger side airbag should be disabled.

1. For Child Safety

When you go in the front passenger seat with a baby in the rear seat of a baby. In an airbag-protected passenger seat, it is prohibited to utilize a rearward-facing child car seat. The use of an infant seat facing backward might cause significant injury to the child or perhaps death. The deployment of an airbag.

If a passenger has an uncommon medical condition, the passenger will be able to ride the airbag on the passenger’s side. If the seat is empty, you can also disable the airbag.

2. In case Of A Malfunction

This signifies that your airbags are disabled when this light is on. It means that if you are in an accident they won’t deploy correctly. If the battery in your automobile has recently drained, the backup battery that drives airbags may also have been low. When the airbag light is turned on, this implies that in the event of an accident the airbag is not able to deploy.

This indicates you should avoid driving in this car if at all possible. This is a dangerous proposal. If the airbag system fails, the mechanic or car parts store should read the code that the system puts out, so that it can see the specific problem that the airbag has.

3. Low weight On The Car Seat

It is as light as it can be detected by weight sensor that somebody takes a seat, but it is not too heavy to deploy the airbag. The sensor thinks that the person sitting in this chair is too light and that it is not safe to use the airbag. The position or the position of the seat of the passenger poses a security risk to the airbag.

If your passenger is: Your passenger airbag is turned off It is as light as it can be detected by weight sensor that somebody takes a seat, but it is not too heavy to deploy the airbag. The sensor thinks that the person on that chair is too light and the airbag would not be safe for them.

How To Turn On Passenger Airbag?

Some lights on or off the dashboard may create a panic. Sometimes these lights are not well understood, but other times they inform you precisely what happens – as if you switch off your passenger’s airbag. Have you had an example recently when the airbag off your passenger light turned on? We are prepared for you with some viable options!

1. Read Instructions Of The Manufacturer

While learning how to turn on passenger airbag, reading instructions first is important. It is not the same procedure or steps that each model by every manufacturer can disable the airbag. You must study the manual of the manufacturer which gives you all the necessary steps. However, the passenger airbag is turned off when the passenger Airbag switch is fitted with the car (PACOS).

In most circumstances, you must turn off the ignition to prevent probable faults to disable the airbag. The PACOS is normally situated on the side of the dashboard passenger side. It could be on the dashboard, on the glove box, or on the side of the dash to open the passenger door in order to enter the switch.

2. Automatic Disabling Feature

It is necessary to make sure that the airbag can be disabled. Not many cars, especially older cars, give this option. If the car does not have a switch to turn the airbag on/off, the airbag is always activated. Some companies like Mazda and Mercedes have a disabled automatic airbag system.

These cars automatically disengage the airbag in accordance with conditions, for example when the passenger seat is vacant. Note that if the airbag is disabled, the seatbelt tensioner is also occasionally disabled on the passager’s side.

3. Keep Ignition Switch Off

It is an important step in how to turn on passenger airbag. If the ignition switch is off, the CAR can not fire the airbag but you can disconnect it with static electricity (unless there is some kind of condenser on the system to do this). When the battery is disconnected, the airbags cannot be deployed.

However, if the collision sensing system includes an energy reserve, the airbags can be used when the battery is detached. So it is better to keep the ignition switch off while dealing with the airbag.

General Precautions With Car Airbags

You must grasp the purpose it performs when it comes to understanding this equipment technically. They are not full protection, but rather an additional safety device. The very name “add-on” suggests it works in conjunction with other safety devices in the automotive. If they do not fill out in the event of an accident, these other devices could very possibly cause harm.

Therefore, to prevent any damage or danger, you need to follow specific safety precautions. It’s crucial to buckle since you don’t want to throw the force of the accident in the quickly inflated airbag. You might have a severe injury if it happens.


A car airbag system is a very vital tool for the overall safety of the vehicle. You should know how to how to turn on the passenger airbag, as it is essential sometimes. Comment down below for any further doubts.

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