How To Fix Truck Brake Lights Not Working?

It was dark, and I was terrified of driving since my vehicle’s lights were out, yet I made it to my destination. Are you also facing the issue of truck brake lights not working? If you discover a situation like this and want to remedy it right away, read this article all the way through since it contains all you need to know about brake light problems, including causes, solutions, and prices.

What Does It Mean By Truck Brake Lights Not Working?

It’s a light affixed towards the back of a car that illuminates but once the pedals are used and serve as a reminder to oncoming traffic. The purpose of brake lights is to alert surrounding passengers that they are moving slowly. And if your truck brake lights not working then there could be many reasons behind this issue such as broken circuits, damaged electrical connections, etc.

Why Do Brake Lights On A Vehicle Don’t Function?

There are some common and important reasons that people mostly experience whenever they face this kind of situation. They are mentioned below. Let’s have a look.

1. Switch Panel Plus Ignition Coil:

Fuse is an essential part of our automobile as our vehicle is working only because of the fuse box because it passes energy to the other components of the automobile. If it gets burnt the chances of occurrence of malfunctions in brake lights are high. You’ll need to investigate for dual switch circuits if you’ve had a newer vehicle whenever you are facing this issue, as switch panel and ignition coil is the most common reason for faulty brake lights.

2. Sensor Of The Brake Lights:

Under certain automobiles, your warning lights are usually controlled by a certain channel as the light of the turn signal. Accordingly, whenever it gets faulty or problem in turn light sensor will lead to brake lights be out as well. So what you all have to do is, replace that faulty part to troubleshoot this problem.

3. Expired Bulbs:

Another obvious reason behind this issue is faulty bulbs. If this gets burnt, you should first replace it with a new one. As we already know that the warning light and turn signal generally utilise similar led lights, the two systems within it were indeed separate. You should first check whether any of these connections are working or not when your brake lights are not functioning. And avoid using cheap quality products whenever you are replacing them.

4. A Problem With The Wiring:

Worrisome electrical wiring is sometimes the source of any operational glitches in our vehicles. Hence, let’s look at what happens in these situations: if any of the connections are broken, the brake lights will not work. As a result, ensure that the solenoid wires are in better physical condition.

How To Fix The Faulty Brake Lights On A Truck?

Every problem arises with valid solutions, so accordingly following are some ways by which you can overcome this situation by using suitable methods to fix truck brake lights.

Method 1: Replace The Damaged Fuse And Wiring:

As we already discussed above a broken fuse is the main reason behind this issue. There are multiple fuses connected with your brake lights. Simply, repair it. But it is better to replace that faulty fuse.

On the other hand, your brake lights may stop operating structural failure at the truck cabling in several circumstances. To avoid additional oxidation, wipe the junction and pertain little capacitor lubricant. In your car, there’s a mess of wires, so you may not be able to check it properly, so get it done with the assistance of a professional. Hence, in case of a wiring issue, it should be replaced to fix the problem of brake lights.

Method 2: Take It To A Trusted Mechanic:

If you can’t figure out why your truck brake lights not working, don’t inspect too deeply,  because sometimes problems are little and we exaggerate them. Mechanics are experts in their field they will better fix this issue, however, in these circumstances, it is highly recommended to consult a professional for assistance. It might be time taking but the best way to troubleshoot this issue.

How Much Does It Cost To Achieve A Perfect Brake Lights?

Whenever we are stuck in this kind of issue, we use to wonder about the amount of money we have to spend on it. The cost required to fix issues always depends on the reason behind the problem. However, the approximate cost is ranging from $40 to $150. It is based on the manufacturer and type of your vehicle.

Is It Safe To Drive Without Fixing A Brake Light Problem?

Without brake lights, it will not be able to drive the car. At the same, when truck brake lights are not working it will be quite harmful when you are driving. Hence, as safety comes first, it is not safe to drive without fixing the truck brake lights problem.

How To Prevent Brake Lights From Failing?

As previously stated, you must keep your vehicle well maintained and serviced. Don’t let the dirt get in the way of your brake lights. While changing any component, such as a fuse box, manipulate high-quality parts. You can simply avoid this issue by doing so.


After the above discussion, we concluded that tail lights and brake lights both are essential for driving. If you find your truck brake lights not working, then double-check that the electricity is getting to them and that the switch isn’t blown. And instead of worrying a lot, you should try hard to find a good solution to fix the trouble.

We hope you find this article informative and that it helps you get the most out of your vehicle. If you have any more questions, please post them in the comments box below and we will react as soon as possible.

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