How To Fix Throttle Body Injectors Not Spraying?

You can deceive yourself into thinking that the engine has a carburetor if it has a TBI injection if you pop the hood of a vehicle from the late 1980s or early 1990s. TBI is a kind of fuel injection system serving as a sequence of injections of carburation and multi-port fuel (MPI).

Although TBI was gradually eliminated from manufacturing cars in the mid-1990s, several vehicles still use technology. For many older cars equipped with carburetors, there are also TBI Fuel Conversion Kits. If your throttle body injectors not spraying fuel, then you can check this guide for possible solutions.

What is Throttle Body Injection?

Before learning about the causes of throttle body injectors not spraying, it is important to know about it. TBI is the kind of fuel injection system that is fitted with one or two fuel injectors. Fuel is supplied in the air over the gases via the injectors. From there, the air-fuel combination enters the intake collector where it is dispersed to the different cylinders of the motor. The fuel pump of the car transports fuel from the gas tank to the gas pump mount.

The injector TBI is then activated by a computer, generally known as the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). The injectors shoot fuel immediately above the gunpowder into the throttle body boron. The pressure regulator directs the fuel back to the fuel tank to adjust the pressure of the fuel.

Causes Of Throttle Body Injectors Not Spraying

A fuel injector is only a valve controlled electronically. The gasoline pump in your car supplies it with −pressure fuel and is able to open and close several times a second. The electromagnet moves, when the injector is powered, a plunger that opens a valve enabling a little dump of the pressurized gasoline. Here are the common issues of injectors and their solutions-

1. Bad Fuel Pump

The main role of a fuel pump is to supply fuel from the storage tank to the engine and to carry out this activity with several other auto elements. This may make it hard to determine if it fails or not unless you are aware that a malfunctioning fuel pump is symptomatic.

The first step in accepting a problem and fixing it is to realize the car starts difficult, struggles to keep idle, or flexes lower power. The fuel pump can be diagnosed with a fuel pressure guage..

Options For Bad Fuel Pump

If the fuel pump is failing, it will not supply the needed pressure of fuel to the engine. If you exert external pressure, it can be corrected. The start of an automobile with a damaged fuel pump will prove practical. You can start the car by external pressure, but afterward, you must address the problem.

2. Clogged Fuel Injector

The main cause of throttle body injectors not spraying. Two groups fall into injector problems: mechanical and electrical. The lighting of the ‘Check Engine light in your dashboard is one of the obvious indicators of a stuck fuel injector. The fault numbers connected mainly with a blocked fuel injector may vary from fault codes to lean codes.

Because of the hydrocarbon, silt, and other materials in the gasoline, fuel injectors become obstructed. Most fuels are ethanol-containing. Hygroscopic ethanol, therefore, draws moisture into the fuel out of the air. The fuel’s water causes internal parts to corrode. When the gasoline filter is in bad form, residues from rust enter the injectors.

How To Clean Fuel Injectors?

Fuel-injection detergents contain over-the-counter detergents that are allegedly breaking down carbon buildup. These products are best to be use before major problems with the injector occur.

For the complete contents (or prescribed amount) of the fuel system treatment, use almost an empty fuel tank or as indicated. Fill fuel tank (16-18 gallons or as directed). Repeat at all times of oil change.

3. Faulty ECU

This module is an integrated computer that depends on your car to manage a range of its systems and tasks. Consider it as the brain of the vehicle. Motor and train depend the most on the ECU. The ECU may convey data feedback to the engine via a wide range of electronic sensors, processors, and components inside the car.

The nature of this feedback determines the next performance of the engine. The moisture in an ECU is harmful since its components are corrosion-forming. Clean the corrosion soon, or it will damage the ECU internal components.

Can ECU Be Repaired?

In a local repair shop or service facility, you should pay between $150 and $300 only for inspections and testing of the ECU. You can repair a defective ECU, and can be reprogrammed, which is often between $300 and $750 depending on your vehicle’s design and label.

If you need to replace the ECU, you should add around $500 to $600 in the part cost of installing the new ECU and schedule it. You can also find a second-hand ECU at a junkyard.

4. Poor Maintenace

All vehicles feature gasoline filters that purify the oil before reaching the engine irrespective of the engine type (traditional or diesel). That dirty task makes filters particularly prone to the accumulated debris and helps you to detect and monitor the warning indications as quickly as possible when the filters go bad.

The most common indicator of a bad fuel filter is a car starting problem when the supply of oil to the engine is not enough. Although a filthy fuel filter causes ignition trouble, a fully obstructed filter is totally unsuccessful and the engine is not starting.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Injector Related Issues?

What can you expect if you replace your fuel injectors? It is part of keeping your vehicle to change your fuel injectors. The replacement cost consists of components and work. Work can cost between 200 and 300 dollars, while part costs range between 150 and 600 dollars.


The causes and solutions for throttle body injectors not spraying are simple. You can avoid them if you always stick to nonehtenol fuel and follow the maintenance schedule related to the fuel filter. If you still have any doubts, then comment down below.

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