Know Why Sunroof Won’t Close And Its Solutions

A sunroof is a fantastic technique to obtain your vehicle with additional sun or air. Several varieties of sunroofs are available, most open and close by pressing a button. You have a big problem if your sunroof suddenly gets stuck, and it is raining or cold outside. A lack of power and debris in the sunroof’s tracks are the two main causes of a jammed sunroof.

Several electrical and mechanical causes can impede the working of the mechanism. Learn why sunroof won’t close and its solutions through his article.

Sunroof Won’t Close – Common Causes

It can be a pain when the sunroof won’t close.  When you purchase a new car, they seem incredibly fun to use, but end up becoming a responsibility afterward. They are expensive to purchase and neither are their repairs inexpensive. The following are the common sunroof problems-

1. Electrical Issues With The Sunroof

The sunroof could become inoperative due to electrical problems such as a blown fuse. This is also due to the lack of lubrication that demonstrates how crucial maintenance is. Due to a dead motor, switch, or broken wire it may also get inoperative. Fuses can be accessed most easily, so start. Don’t risk it if the problem is too high for you. Go to a mechanic for professional help.

2. Mechanical Issues

I’m probably the most typical problem in this area if the glass panel or a panel is breaking off. Some basic tools can be substituted or fixed. These can easily be fastened or replaced using nuts and bolts. The Urethane adhesive sunroofs, the special roofing that should only be handled by experts.

3. Sticky Or Stuck Glass

It could simply be a simple problem, for example, lack of lubricant. This can be remedied through the grease of its tracks by thick silicone fats and release them from adhering and preventing wear in turn. Sadly, the owner often overlooks this, and it may lead to major difficulties later on if the roof is not maintained.

Cables that are broken or worn out might also cause problems with sticking or binding. The flexible wires mesh with the gear on the engine but this can be ruined rapidly when the track sticks. Such a repair is certainly seeking professional assistance. It won’t be simple.

4. Bad Control Module

The Sunroof module is responsible for guiding the engine from the several sunroof sensors based on signals and instructions. The sensors detect damage and relay the signals to the module to ensure that the sunroof engine and regulatory system are not damaged.

The replacement costs of the sunroof control module can be reduced by preventing external damage and electrical faults.

How To Close A Stuck Sunroof?

When you open the car’s sunroof without a problem and allow the refreshing wind through, summer cruising is much more pleasurable. When you try to open or close the sunroof, however, all this may turn into a catastrophe within a few seconds, particularly if it starts to rain. Learn how to close the sunroof in an event of an emergency.

1. Check Electricals First

Check that the sunroof cable can stop working. A multimeter is used for checking the sunroof switch and cables. The wiring is ok if there is no resistance. However, when there is significant resistance, the wires need to be replaced. Also, check the fuses, a blown fuse can stop the operation of the sunroof.

2. Remove Any Debris From Mechanism

Clean the sunroof paths so that dirt and debris will not block the sunroof and you will not fave the situation where your sunroof won’t close. You need to clean your sunroof paths regularly so that there is not any waste in the paths. When too much waste builds up, the sunroof cables that are extremely difficult to restore may finally be damaged.

3. Manual Closing Of Sunroof

Take an S-shaped Allen wrench and insert it into the left motor hole, then turn the curb in the rear direction to close the sunroof manually or, Remove the sunroof glass from the elevator arms. If the guides are in the open position, the lifting arms must be pressed forward.

Use a vibrator to move the guides forward to close the lifting arms. Substitute the glass after the arms move correctly.

4. Sunroof Reset

Put your key in the slot and turn your vehicle on (i.e. don’t start it – but press your foot to start OFF the brake/clutch). Take the sunroof button and push it up (vent position). The sunroof falls after approximately 15-20 seconds. CONTINUE THE BUTTON-UP HOLDING. After 15 or so (may feel lengthy but keep up) seconds, the sunroof closes down, opens completely, and then shuts down entirely.

The operation is over once the sunroof is entirely closed. It’s vital that during the procedure you don’t let that button go.

How To Maintain Sunroof In Good Condition?

A fast wash on a routine basis is sufficient. However, you have to clean the sunroof thoroughly in order to ensure long-term performance. Start with the sunroof vacuuming to clear any pollution and scrap. To wash all visible portions of the mechanism, using an automobile cleaner is suggested.

Avoid cleaners since the rubber seal might be damaged and they are not safe for passengers. Use a toothbrush for places that are difficult to reach such as the slides and tracks.

Cost Of Fixing A Sunroof

The average cost of replacing a manual pop-up sunroof is about $250 to about $750. This covers components and work. The exact charge depends on the local rates, the precise sunroof, and the material to be placed. The fabrication and model of the car also affect the cost due to any particular needs or changes necessary to make the sunroof fit and work correctly.


When you face a situation where your sunroof won’t close, then worry not as this problem is simple to fix. Basically, if you will maintain your sunroof, then it is highly unlikely that you would face such an issue. If you still have any questions then comment down below.

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