What To Do If My Shifter Moves But Doesn’t Change Gears?

Various unforeseeable difficulties with our automobiles are particularly prevalent. Sometimes our AC gets damaged, we often experience weird noises and smells, etc. At the same, the time when your car’s shifter moves but doesn’t change gears perplexes and irritates you. First of all, we should not panic in such a situation.

If you notice this type of problem and want to fix it right away, read this article all the way through since it covers all you need to know about, why this issue occurs including its solutions, cost of fixing, some frequently asked questions, and much more, so stay tuned!

What Does It Mean By Shifter Moves But Doesn’t Change Gears?

On a stick shift, the wheel changer permits the car on being switched between several speeds. It is generally situated among the dual main rows. Sometimes the switch won’t immediately alter the position upon that transmission display on its panel since the automobile shifts from one gear towards another. There are many causes behind this as discussed below, among them, a damaged or unplugged gearshift cord is to blame.

Why The Shifter Moves, But No Gears Are Changed?

There are some common and important reasons that people mostly experience whenever they face this kind of situation. They are mentioned below. Let’s have a look.

1. Weak Transmission Cord:

Each endpoint of this connection is raised using nuts and bolts, as well as both terminals are being adjusted whereas if changer cord might have to be substituted besides a variable height. Due to maturity point and constant load the transmission cord would become damaged or weak, which results in malfunction in shifter gears.

2. Low Transmission Oil:

This is the other main reason why this issue occurs. As we already know that transmission oil is very important for the smooth functioning of your vehicle. This solution greases the driveline working elements, preventing them from causing excessive resistance. So you should keep the transmission fluid sufficiently filled up. If it is not, you must consider it.

3. Pedal That Has Been Burnt:

If the transmission is burnt then it will not function. Unless the motion seemed to be in position, the shift plate allows the shaft to drop, they could not get enough force. That is the reason why you suffer this kind of issue. So it is highly advisable to replace it.

4. Electrical Concerns:

Faulty equipment can be the source of many technical problems in our vehicles. So, let’s look at what happens in these situations. If the problem is with any of these hydrodynamic cords, there are chances that the shifter moves but doesn’t change gears. As a consequence, ensure that the solenoid wires are in better condition.

How To Fix The Switch That Moves Freely Without Changing Gears?

Every problem arises with valid solutions, so accordingly following are some ways by which you can overcome this situation by using suitable methods to fix the shifter moves but don’t change gears.

Method 1: Reset Your Car:

Because interruptions in the transfer of commands to the elements of your vehicle can cause this, it is highly recommended that you restart your vehicle before opening all of the car’s inner parts. This will help you diagnose your vibration monitoring system, and it’s a really easy technique. You won’t even need a mechanic to complete this basic task.

Method 2: Take It To A Mechanic:

If you can’t figure out why your car’s starter is making noise while cranking, don’t dig too deep because sometimes problems are little and we exaggerate them, thus in these circumstances, we recommend consulting a professional for assistance.

Method 3: Follow The Below Mentioned Steps:

To fix a switch that rotates without any adjustments in gears, one should apply this method. With the pedals pressed down, remove the little lid from the off socket and enter the lock. Thus trying to divert outside from gear, press the clutch down and watch it. The selector would also most probably return, you should do this process with professional assistance.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Shifter Not Working Properly?

Are you also wondering about how much I have to spend to repair faulty shifters? The cost of fixing it depends on the reason behind the issue. However, $125-$250 is an approximate cost if you take it to the mechanic.

How To Avoid An Issue Of Car That Is Not Shifting Gears?

The shift is most quick to blame if your vehicle is equipped with a manual gearbox. So one needs to maintain it nicely. Apart from the above, you should keep your automobile well serviced, do necessary repairs and replacements, and do not use cheap quality parts whenever you are replacing any of the components of your vehicle. By doing so you can easily avoid facing this issue.

Is It Safe To Drive When Your Car Won’t Switch Positions?

Whenever you are facing this problem, you should consult a professional to fix it, as we will not recommend you to continue to drive ignoring this. As safety comes first, it is not safe to drive without fixing the shifter that can’t change positions, since this is harmful to you as well as nearby people.


Eventually, we conclude that it is a messed-up condition when you notice your car’s shifter moves but doesn’t change gears. If we want our cars to work the way we want them to, without any technical issues, we must consider their problems, as well. And don’t do anything in a hurry as it may create other troubles too. We hope you find this post useful, and that you can get the most out of your vehicle as a result of it. If you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments section below and we will promptly respond.

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