How To Roll Back Odometer? [Quick & Easy Ways]

Even though an automobile looks and sounds fantastic, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t worry about anything. For instance, reading the range of a vehicle is an important aspect of estimating its value. Many people believe the truth about how many miles it’s traveled – few contemplate the likelihood of odometer fraud while viewing this dashboard function.

You can manipulate the odo of the vehicle so that its reading appears below the true milestone of the car. Buyers need to check for symptoms of roll-back odometer and the ways how they are done. Learn how to roll back odometer and when can you do it legally.

When Can You Roll Back Odometer?

The unlawful practice of rolling-back odometer fraud, or ‘busting miles’ (U.S.A.) or ‘clocking’ (U.K., Ireland, and Canada), appears to show that cars have less distance than they are actually. But there are circumstances where doing that is legal, here are a few-

1. New Engine Installation

With a new engine, a car odometer is not reset. The odometer is not only the engine but also all the components of an automobile. Danger or failure of components is a genuine risk. Management such as oil & filter transmission change, fluid brake change and flush, differential oil change, changes in the fluid steering power all rely on odo reading.

Furthermore, the car is kept in the main dealership with a full track record and its miles. When they are put into operation, the milage is recorded and stored in a database when recalls or repairs are made. The Cloud computer has made this information accessible to all network sellers, so it’s easy to check this type of information.

2. Problems With Dash Cluster

Only by using a working odometer will you know when your automobile reaches the 200 000-mile mark. However, the plastic gears turning an analog odometer tend to crumble which prevents the odometer from spinning. You will probably have to replace your speed sensor if your odometer and your speed meter are not working.

They are readily placed and located near the back. If you merely push your odometer, the gears turning the odometer are probably broken. To get in those gears, you must pull the instrument cluster, but you can repair this as long as you know what you do.

How To Roll Back Odometer?

Like any component of a vehicle, it can roll back hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away from the number shown.  This reading is a vital data point for future buyers and, unfortunately, the rollback odometer has been used by people for decades. Here are the common ways to roll back odometer-

1. Roll Back In Analogue Meter

During the day, the odometer rollback signified the numbers on a mechanical device rolling hands-on, which recorded the journey from a vehicle. Since then, oDometers are digital and in the early 2000s, the last generation of mechanical odometers entered the road.

The mechanic uses the equipment to reverse the digits in 10,000 places or more to considerably lower the readings on the odometer. A lower reading of the odometer certainly boosts its worth as the word “sparingly used” is utilized by the vendor.

2. Digital Meter Rollback

Digital inputs may be rounded off by removing the circuit board for the vehicle to adjust the read odometer, or by utilizing reverse equipment hooking directly into the electronics system of the vehicle. It is very easy to learn how to roll back odometer in a digital setup.

If parts that show inaccurate reading, the dealership can legally modify them. An off-road vehicle can adjust the odometer legally as long as it is never registered for road use.

Is It Legal To Roll Back Odometer?

The fraud odometer is to disconnect, reset or alter the odometer of a vehicle in a bid to change the number of km. NHTSA believes that every year more than 450,000 automobiles sell with erroneous readings of odometers. The crime is more than $1 billion per year for American car consumers.

We want consumers who are a victim of this criminal action to know how to recognize odometer fraud, how to protect themselves from the scam and what to call.

What Are The Legal Consequences Of Odo Meter Tampering?

The consequences of federal odometer fraud can be costly and harsh. Section 32709 (49 U.S. Code). Civil penalties will go up in fines of up to $10 000 per, with a separate violation for each odometer rollback. You should keep this in mind if you are trying to learn about how to roll back odometer.

A person can sue you, who eventually will find about the tampering. Section 32710 (49 United States Code).

In Case You Suspect Odometer Fraud

Both the physical and control modules on modern automobiles will record cars’ milage. The module does not check the number on the dash. In some circumstances, the visual number on the dash may change but the control module will still keep the exact millage. Most dealers have tools that can perform the job.

Please ask your local dealer to remove the number from your control module if you suspect potential manipulation. Timing the misrepresentation of a vehicle is a crime, therefore always tell your local police department or the regulating body of your region.

How To Detect Odometer Fraud?

A comparison of the kilometer on the odometer to the kilometer number on vehicle maintenance and inspection records and CARFAX vehicle history report is the first approach to identify odometer rear fraud. Mileage numbers are a record for repairs and inspections purposes.

You may even “rollback” digital fuel odometers by changing the circuit board of a car and tweaking the fuel miles display to read whatever number you have inserted. Unlike certain cars, you can only roll back the odometer with the help of special tools.


In case you are wondering how to roll back odometer? There are several ways to do it in both analog and digital odometers. But be very careful about the legal consequences it can end you up in federal prison. There is only a certain legal way through which you can do it. Never do odometer rollback to fraud someone. If you still have any doubts, then comment down below.

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