How To Reset Service Suspension System?

The electronic suspension control (ESC) system independently adjusts each of the four shock absorbers in order to give an enhanced ride and greater control over a wide variety of operating circumstances. Based on input information from various sensors or from other systems over the serial data network.

The ESC module may fine-tune the ride height and damping characteristics. The system is no doubt a revolution but renders it can have issues too. ESC-equipped vehicles can experience one or more suspension difficulties. When the service suspension light blinks, it means there is some issue. Learn how to reset service suspension system through this article.


What Is Electronic Suspension Control?

Electronic suspension is essentially a computer-controlled system capable of adjusting your vehicle’s riding qualities and performance. An electronic suspension alters the shocks and/or paths electronically in contrast to the air suspensions to provide smooth rides. It is essential to know how to reset service suspension system, if you have any issues.

Some electronic suspensions are also designed to be adapted automatically in all sorts of terrain to the changing road conditions. The shocking absorbents and their damping performance are controlled by an adaptive electronic suspension. They just modify the shocks to provide a smooth driving experience.

How To Reset Service Suspension System?

If an abnormal action is detected, the car’s computer activates the light warning. This usually happens if the compressor does not provide as much air as it should or if one of the bags has a leak. A leak in a bag will result in a lower riding height, which the computer may identify using a sensor of height. Here are the common causes and their solutions-

1. Wiring Issues

The notice “Service Suspension System” is shown on the DIC and the rear suspension ride height is wrong. The ESC module has DTC C0696 and/or C0711 for diagnostic problem codes (DTCs). The cabling to the pressure sensor (ALC), which is shortened to the floor, could cause this issue.

It may be necessary to remove the air compressor assembly from the vehicle in order to establish whether the wiring between the compressor mount and the frame has gone bad or not.

How To Eliminate Wiring Issues?

To operate the components attached to that circuit, all electrical circuits need voltage. There’s no function, therefore, if there’s no voltage. Therefore, if electrical difficulties are to be resolved, the first order is to check for the voltage at the load point in the circuit.

If the problem is a blown fuse, the fuse can be replaced temporarily, but your “fix” typically does not endure unless the underlying cause of the overload is located and remedied. You need an ohmmeter or an automatic test light to check the cable continuity. An ohmmeter is the best choice because the exact resistance between two test locations is displayed.

2. Bad Air Suspension Compressor

Suspension airbag systems are a characteristic of many luxury automobiles and SUVs. However, instead of employing metal springs and liquid-filled shock, an airbag system that is filled with compressed air utilizes to suspend the car from the ground, uses an inflatable airbag system.

Odd noise during operation is one of the most visible signs of a probable compressor malfunction. If any strange sounds like loud clicking, whining, or grinding are heard, this may be a symptom of a compressor or other suspension componet problem.

Can Suspension Air Compressor Be Repaired?

Depends on the manufacturer, the vehicle, the system, and how aggressive or cautious they are regarding their life lifetime for air suspension bags. Each bag can take from 50,000 to 70,000 miles or it may require 10 years to replace it. Air suspense compressor substitution costs $1063 to $1091.

Compressor substitution. The cost of labor, as between $107 and $135. Labor costs are not the most important part of this replacement cost. It could cost up to $956 for each piece.

3. Bad Air Struts

While learning about how to reset service suspension system, you will find that air struts are mostly the culprit. A significant change in ride quality is one of the first symptoms that your air shocks may need maintenance. If the shocks fail, the vehicle’s weight is no longer so strongly supported. As a result, driving comfort and hardness in the vehicle may reduce.

Without the air shock coil, the effect of road irregularities such as bumps and potholes will be conveyed straight to the vehicle’s frame, where the driver can sense them.

Options For Bad Air Struts

It can be quite expensive to fix when an air-ride suspension system goes flat. OE parts are high in the sky. Some older applications may not even be accessible. Remanufactured and new electronic air tracks and compressors in the aftermarket might provide a more economic alternative for people who wish to keep all of their suspension air travel capability.

4. Procedure To Reset Suspension Light

Make sure you follow the scanning instructions you use. The fault codes should be entered for future reference if the ignition is turned on. The scanner can be selected to clear the light from the dashboard. A hard ECU reset is carried out using the battery disconnecting procedure. As noted previously, fault codes and learning data are lost.

Is It Safe To Drive With Service Suspension Light On?

It may or may not be safe to drive your car when the light comes on depending on the severity of the problem. You just have to work a bit harder to try to keep the car at the right height while your bag is leaking slowly.

In this instance, the car will not handle as well, therefore the vehicle will only drive if it is essential. Take further care on bumps and hard roads because the suspension cannot absorb the effects.

Cost Of Fixing Air Suspension

The average air-spring replacement price costs between $1,357 and $1,400. The cost of the labor is estimated at $164 to $207, and the cost of the parts is $1,193. Taxes and charges are not included in this range and do not affect your particular vehicle or place.


If the service suspension light appears, then it is not a big problem but it can definitely be an expensive one to repair! With this guide on how to reset service suspension system, you can troubleshoot the system. If you still have any questions, then comments down below.

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