How To Reset Engine Control Module?

The ability of your car to store long-term data is one of the most significant tasks of the ECM. As you drive, the engine computers continuously learn how to operate your car and change the performance of other modules. This allows your car to operate as effectively as possible.

Due to the ability of your ECU to store masses of information, including problem codes, that are of great assistance in identifying probable defects in your car. In this diagnostic phase, it is crucial to analyze this personal data and understand how to reset your ECM. Learn how to reset engine control module in this article.

Reasons To Reset ECM

Whenever you reset your ECM, the long-term memory of the car will be removed from the computer. Driving mechanical testing on your car deletes error codes that are helpful. The data is the default and fuel logs, neutral, idling, and spark, are no longer available.

1. To Solve Check Engine/Error Lights

An illuminated light control engine can also be used to warn the driver. The light from the control motor activates when the car is on. This is however an easy test to verify if the bulb is working correctly. It should not be lit again unless there are some problems with the train or failed sensors in the car computer.

It must not be lit again. When the computer doesn’t record a fault with its elements, an illuminated control engine light should be a problem. Therefore it is definitely the right time for you to check on your car for any problems if you notice that the light is continually on or inconsistent in any manner.

2. Poor Engine Performance

A faulty computer affects badly the performance of the vehicle such as fuel adjustment. The fuel efficiency in your car will be lowered, and the timing and acceleration will be poor. Some difficulty in stating a car is probably caused by a malfunctioning auto computer. Sometimes the car could not be fully launched.

This can occur owing to the power failure of a blown fuse or a problem in the car’s computer. But if the entire module fails, the loss of engine control causes your vehicle to stall.

3. Clearing Long Term Memory

Your electric motor “learns” when driving the car. In fact, “learning” is a technique the ECU utilizes to keep track of the sensor and actuator tolerance changes on the engine. The location of the idle-air bypass (automatic chuck) valve at idle with the A/C-on and the trim gain on the injectors are two examples of these settings.

The ECU stores these “learned” settings in the backup battery RAM so that the next time you turn off your engine it will not be starting from scratch. By learning how to reset engine control module, you can solve this issue.

How To Reset Engine Control Module?

You wish to reset your ECM before changing any components to ensure that replacement parts are essential. There are a number of ways to reset your module. They are discussed below-

1. Resetting Through Fuse

The ECU can also be used to reset your car if changes to the vehicle are made. In this case, you ought to manually reset your motor drives via the fuse box. The fuse is positioned close to the battery on the passenger’s side. If your car has heated up correctly, your vehicle should be turned off and both fuses disengaged.

The power should be decreased if the battery is connected. All old data should be reset in a few minutes so that the fuses are connected and your vehicle is switched on. You are going for 10 minutes to leave your vehicle idle, giving your ECM sufficient time to “learn” the changes installed on your vehicle.

2. Resetting ECU Through Battery

This is a recommended way when you learn how to reset engine control module. Turn off the negative battery cord and then use a combination wrench for the positive cable. Place and terminal clean the battery posts and terminals, so when you are done, you have a good connection. The wire brush type is the greatest form of instrument.

There’s a possibility of too much material being removed and a loose connection with the reactor type. Wait 5 minutes to delete the diagnostic information. Place the battery cable and the battery cable. Schedule any radio or security code as directed by the manufacturer.

Precautions Before Resetting ECU

Ecu reset can lock your radio in your automobile. Car radio stops working when the battery is entirely dead because the radio is fitted with an anti-theft “feature” which comes when the battery power has been disconnected. You only have to input the proper car radio code when it happens, and you return to business.

In certain more unusual circumstances, you could have to cope with damaged radio or damage other than your radio system. For example, if some module stops working after a failed jump, it could have been damaged by the wrong handling of a battery.

Is Professional Assistance Needed To Reset ECU?

If you are mechanically inclined, then you will be able to do the job very easily at your home. But if you are not sure about it, then it is advised to take your car for professional help. For high-end cars like BMW which are very complex, you should only do such jobs if you are certain about it.

How Much It Cost To Reset ECU?

In the local repair shop or service facility, you should be expecting the ECU to pay between $150 and $300 for ECU inspection and testing. In many instances, the defective ECU may be repaired or reprogrammed, which normally takes between $300 and $750 depending on the vehicle’s make-up and model.


Learning how to reset engine control module can be a great skill set to have especially if you are having a modern car at home. Most of the time, you can solve many problems with your car, just by resetting the ECU. Learning to reset the ECU can save a lot of your time and money. If you have any doubts, then comment down below.

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