How To Open A Car Door With A Broken Handle?

Because of a number of causes, car doors can be stuck. If your automobile door is locked in a closed position, it may be a simple matter of unstopping the mechanic to work smoothly. On the other hand, if your door doesn’t look open from either side, interior structural deterioration can lead to a shutdown.

Try several various approaches to untick the locking mechanism first, then inspect the inside of the door to see whether it cannot be opened. If everything else fails, hire a mechanic or a car locksmith to repair your door professionally. Here is how to open a car door with a broken handle.

Why Car Door Handle Breaks?

The external door handles are deployed to open and close the doors, to allow passengers to enter the vehicle. The door handles can be fragile sometimes. Knowledge about it will help you in learning about how to open a car door with a broken handle. The handles are attached to the outside of the doors and to the door locking device, that secures the locking of the doors. When the handle is pulled, the latch mechanism has a number of retaining rods to open the door.

Because of its high frequency of usage, the external door handles can be prone to excessive wear at any time the vehicle is entered. This can cause problems opening the doors. Bad or poor door handles usually cause some signs to warn the user. 

How To Open A Car Door With a Broken Handle?

Although preventive maintenance can assist address most problems. But some for unforeseen repairs, we still have to deal with them. The question of a broken automobile door, which sometimes does not open from inside or outside, maybe one of the most typical problems that surprise most. Here are the steps to open it-

1. Unlock From Remote/Key

To see whether one of those will unlock the door, try using your remote and key. Check if the key and remote can unlock the inner or outer door handle and open it. You could only have a defective electric connection if your key works but the remote doesn’t.

The car electrician can repair this. Sometimes the problem seems to be a bad door handle but a failed lock, due to a bad remote can also prevent it from functioning. So first try this method before going ahead.

2. Lubrications Of The Lock Mechanism

Another important thing to remember in how to open a car door with a broken handle is that a jammed locking mechanism can also make the door handle slip in its position, thus preventing it from unlocking the door.

One approach to solving doors not opening from the inside or outside is the lubrication of the door lock. Start by selecting the blocking keyway. Then open the door and try adjusting the lock to see what is stuck. Lubricate the lock and try the door function. Repeat until all blocking has been eliminated.

3. Remove The Door Panel

You have to enter the vehicle from another door first. Take your screwdriver and remove the door panel from the screws. If you start taking the screws from the car door panel, then it is better. Maintain ordered twists and remember where they go. Remove the connections to the door panel electrical.

In a Ziploc bag or in a magnetic tray, hold all your screws. Once the screws are removed, try removing the door panel. Lift it up on the panel and shake it may assist to remove the panel. There’s a tiny difference between each panel. Make some investigation to find out how your car performs best.

4. Inspect The Locking Mechanism

Most cars are covered with plastic within the door to avoid running water. Remove the internal panel portions of any plastic check and see if anything is cracked. It may be a bent portion or a broken part. You can see what occurs when you tighten on the door handle when the panel is removed. If your door cannot be opened from the outside, take a look at the metal rods within.

5. Replace Any Broken Part

See if you can utilize your tools to solve the problem. If there is any way to replace the part or repair it. Sometimes the part you need is available at the junkyard. Think about a solution to correct it with a job if you are lacking a replacement piece. Perhaps a metal cover hanger will be used to replace a steel rod or to secure a part with epoxy.

Check that all the parts work well and are sufficiently straightened to allow the door lock to open the door. You must be careful to follow the measures in a car repair handbook if you have a problem with a door that has many electronic components.

How To Maintain Car Door Handle?

They constantly have to be highly greased for locks to work. Take a lubricated or not too corrosive oil. Drop a few drops into the lock before you enter the key, and let it sit down. Squeeze the graphite lubricant in the door locks and trunk locks in order to ensure that it continues operating properly.

This spray should also be used on the front and back door hinges. Tt can lubricate almost anything. It is especially suitable for porous elements such as plastic components, but for locks, hooks, and weapons a good lubricant.

Cost Of Replacing Car Door Handle

You can tackle the door handle yourself at home. You’d better take it to a qualified technician if you lack the necessary tools, the time, and the motivation to work on your own car. In order to replace an inside handle, the average shop price should be between $50 and $200.


If your door handle is not working, then you can easily learn how to open a car door with a broken handle. In order to prevent that in the first place, try to use the handles as gently as possible and keep the locking system lubricated to reduce any loads. Comment down below for any further questions.

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