Oil Pressure Switch Leaking What To Do?

While driving we all have sensed some oil burning smell and at high speed, it becomes worse and the notorious check engine lights start to blink on you and your brain starts to analyze the servicing charges instead of driving but it not be a major problem and mostly because of oil pressure switch leaking.

Oil pressure switches are known to leak as they age. When this happens, they send incorrect data to the computer, resulting in a blazing “oil” light. To begin, visually inspect the switch. It’s fairly easy and we will teach you how to inspect and replace your oil pressure switch

Reasons For Oil Pressure Switch Leaking?

Removed Switch

Oil pressure switches can develop exterior leaks or internal failures, Causing the switch to either fail to warn of low oil pressure or to turn off When the oil pressure sensor clogs or malfunctions within, it is unable to detect the oil pressure appropriately. This might cause the low oil pressure warning light to illuminate even when there is sufficient pressure.

In some vehicles, a faulty oil pressure sensor might illuminate the Check Engine light with the code P0520 – Engine Oil Pressure Sensor Circuit.

How To Locate Oil Switch?

switch location

It usually depends on the Car model, makes, and type. The oil pressure sensor is frequently found around the bottom of the cylinder head in the engine block. It can, however, also be mounted on the cylinder head. It will be equipped with a block connection and one or two thin wires.

How To Check for Leaking Oil Switch?

Check for any oil leaks surrounding the pressure sensor and remove the sensor’s block connection. Check if you discover any oil in any of these areas, you’ll need to replace your sensor. You may also visually verify the sensor while the engine is running to ensure that there is no oil seeping from the sensor body.

How to Repair Leaking Oil Pressure Switch?

Pressure switch repairing is not a big task to do, even you can do it at home with a few tools and in a couple of minutes, let’s have a look at how to do it?

Things To Remember Before Repairing Oil Pressure Switch Leaking-

Before working on a car, some procedures should be followed which include

  1. Work on a cold engine, so there is no oil flow in the engine and the oil is not hot.
  2. Disconnect the terminals of the batteries.
  3. Remove the Front Tyres by jacking up the car.

Repairing The Car Oil Pressure Switch Leaking

Before the repair, these are the few steps that should be followed next, before the repairs these includes-

Step-1: Locating The Component

Oil Sensor diagram

If the exact placement of the oil pressure sensor is uncertain, consult the OEM Book for a component finder. Once the sensor has been discovered, carefully clean the area around it.

Step-2: Removing Electrical Connectors and Sensors

Remove the oil pressure sensor’s electrical connector and use the proper wrench to remove the sensor without using severe pressure or brute force.

Step-3: Removing The Oil Switch

switch location

Pickup the appropriate tool for removal of the sensor fix it on the sensor and apply little pressure and push it gently without disturbing other components in the way

Step-4: Preparing New Oil Switch

Oil Switch

Clean up the oil switch, remove any dust or grease on it check for the component that it is for your vehicle as the manufacturer sometime changes components with different models and makes. On the new sensor, apply thread sealant or Teflon tape.

Step-5: Installing New Switch

After covering the sensor with Teflon and sensor pick up your tool carefully insert the new sensor into its place and torque it down as per the given specification and Voila! A new sensor is installed.

Step-6: Post Installation Check

honda pressure change

After Installing the component check for the wiring connect all the sensors and wiring, connect your battery connectors accordingly Install the wheels and jack down your car and crank it up to let the oil pressure and temp. to be up if you see no leaks this time we are good to go, just go for a drive nearby and check for any problems.

Replacement Cost Of New Switch?

New Switch

The typical cost of replacing an oil pressure sensor ranges between $50 and $250, depending on the vehicle type and labor expenses. An oil pressure sensor costs between $30 and $100, while labor costs between $20 and $150.

The price of an oil pressure sensor can vary depending on your vehicle’s unique model number. But you should anticipate paying between $5 and $100. Fortunately, If you wish to hire someone to install it, labor should only take 30 minutes to an hour, depending on where the sensor is positioned.


oil pressure switch Leaking might sound like a serious problem but can be done easily. Because of their basic design, oil sensors are relatively inexpensive to purchase and repair. Just be sure to keep an eye out for oil pouring out while you remove the sensor from the engine block. You’ll also want to be careful not to overtighten your new sensor since this is readily done.

Wear gloves whenever you work on an engine item that requires oil to protect your skin from toxic chemicals. Also, once the repair is over, check your oil level when your car is parked on a smooth, level surface and top it off if necessary.

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