How To Tell If Windshield Wiper Motor Is Bad?

A key aspect of excellent road visibility is the windshield washer. Whilst it is vital to replace the blades often to keep the system unchanged, the worth of the windshield wiper engine is not given a second consideration. This changes as the washing machine stop performing properly. We examine the signs of a bad windshield wiper engine and evaluate the cost of substitution.

Although your windshield wiper engine is unlikely to have a problem, some warning indications are showing that the wiper engine has been damaged or must be replaced. Learn how to tell if windshield wiper motor is bad in this article.

How To Tell If Windshield Wiper Motor Is Bad?

When your turning signal indication or another control arm near your steering wheel is activated, the windshield switch sends a signal towards the motor and runs the wiper at varying speeds and durations. If the wiper blades don’t move once the switch is activated, the wiper engine often causes a fault. Here are the common faults-

1. Slow Moving Wipers

If you are wondering how to tell if windshield wiper motor is bad, the slow-moving wipers can be an answer. Modern automobiles, trucks, and SUVs today have programmable wipers with varying speeds and delays. If you turn the wiper to a high or rapid speed and the wiper blades are slowing down, this can be due to a wiper-motor problem.

The mechanical elements inside the part are sometimes obstructed by trash, grain, or other particles. It can affect the electric motor speed when this happens. It is a smart idea to contact a local ASE mechanical certified as soon as feasible to experience this kind of problem with your wiper blades to inspect the wiper motor and other ingredients that can cause this problem.

2. Faulty Wiper Speeds

On the contrary, when you enable the wiper switch and try changing the speed or settings, but the wiper moves constantly the same, the wiper motor might also cause a problem. In order for the problem to be with the module, the wiper motor receives a signal from the wiper module.

When you realize this symptom, please consult with a local ASE-certified mechanic to identify whether the problem is the engine or module before you decide to repair the wiper motor. By initially contacting the technician, you will save a lot of money, time, and effort.

3. Wiper Not Working At All

You’ll probably have the engine is broken or an electrical problem if you spin your wiper and the blades don’t move, or you do not hear the engine running. Sometimes a blown fuse that operates the wiper engine can cause it. However, only if electrical power overload exists on this particular circuit, can a fuse blow out.

In any event, you have a more serious problem and should contact a mechanic to find out what causes the electrical problem and repair it so that other components on your car are not damaged.

4. Incorrect Wiper Parking Position

When the wiper blades have been turned off, they should be placed “parked.” This typically means that the wiper blades go back to the windshield’s bottom and lock them in place. This is not always the case, so check the manual for your owner to ensure that this option exists for your car, truck, or SUV.

If you turn off your blade and stay on the windscreen and block your view, this is generally a problem with the engine and often leads to the need to change the washer engine of the windscreen. Usually, the windshield wiper engine is not a repaired element. The complexity of the equipment replaces the majority of windshield wiper motors.

How To Fix Faulty Wiper Motor?

For driver’s visibility, working windshield wipers are essential. If the wipers do not work, a car is considered unsafe. Here is how you can deal with a bad wiper motor-

1. Blown Fuse

In fact, a wiper unit refusing to move could have a simple blown fuse. But fuses don’t normally blow by themselves. The current engine draws even at full stall should be much below the rating of the fuse. If the fuse has been blown, it is likely that something else is wrong, such as a shortened wiper engine frame or defective wiring anyplace on the motor’s harness. Even a mechanical fault such as a seized bush might eventually cause a fuse to fail.

2. Motor Overhaul

It is as simple as possible to use the mechanism of windshield wipers, the most common answer to how to tell if windshield wiper motor is bad. Inside the motor transmission is a simple worm gear, which spins the ring gear and the barrel, translating the circular movement of the engine into a linear back and forth moving gear.

The transmission weapons are attached to the wiper swivel shaft, which, with some form of a block of cushion, is secured against the cowl. The lack of lubrication, frost accumulation or simple corrosion might slow down processes. A loose joint leaves lost motion, so it can either flop the blades around or, worse, get tangled.

How To Keep Wiper Motor In Good Condition?

Regularly clean the wiper blades to keep them functioning. The windshield washer or a glass cleaner may be used to clean the dirt off the blade. It can also be used. They can also be wiped with a soft tissue to make them clean later. Carefully use an ice-scraper to remove snow and ice and not wiper blades from your windshield.

Before turning on the wiper, it’s also vital to remove all ice. It can rip a rubber blade only by a small bit of ice frozen to the window, and then the window will not be clear when needed.

Cost Of Fixing Wiper Motor

The average cost of replacing the engine with a windshield is 319 USD to 340 USD. Work costs range from 79 US dollars to 100 US dollars and parts are estimated at 240 US dollars. This range does not include taxes and charges nor does it contribute to your particular car or location. Reparations may also be necessary.


It is not difficult to know how to tell if windshield wiper motor is bad, you can follow our guide and point out a bad wiper motor. Also by following simple maintenance procedures, you can avoid failure. If you still have any doubts, then comment down below.

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