What Cause Keyless Start System Problem?

Imagine trying to startup your honda but the start/stop system not working, you checked your batteries and your keys nothing works, so the question arises what caused the keyless start system problem.

If this system fails, pressing the “ENGINE START/STOP” button to start your engine will result in nothing happening and an error message indicating a keyless start system problem. This article will explain the possible causes and solutions to this problem.

What Causes Keyless Start System Problem?

keyless start system problem

There are several reasons why the start system is having problems which may include

1. The Key Fob Battery Is Defective

The key fob is what controls the keyless start system. As result, it requires sufficient voltage to function.It will not send signals to the system if its battery runs out. Furthermore, if the battery no longer provides the correct voltage, the signals may be weak. The sensors will not detect weak signal, causing the keyless start system to malfunction. 

2. The System’s Sensor Is Broken

As you are aware, the sensor must receive key fob signals and instruct the system accordingly. However, the sensor may encounter a problem. You should inspect the sensor. You can use a cloth to clean it if it is dusty. However, if it is damaged, the only way to solve the problem is to replace it.

3. Battery Failure

To function, the keyless start system requires sufficient voltage. As a result, if the battery fails, the system will not be powered.
If the battery voltage is less than 12V, you have a bad battery and must replace it to resolve the Honda “keyless start system problem.

4. The Starter Is Poor

A faulty starter is indicated by a keyless start system that turns on and off. To determine if the push-button starter has failed, attempt to jump-start it directly. If the engine still won’t start, you have a faulty starter. This starter can go wrong in a variety of ways.

5. The Keyless Start System Fuse Has Blown

Because the keyless start system operates on voltage, a fuse is installed between it and the battery. If the voltage exceeds a certain threshold, the fuse will blow to protect the system. The keyless start system will not function because it will not receive the necessary voltage.

To determine whether a fuse has blown, you must enter the fuse box and inspect the fuse wire. A gap in the fuse wire usually indicates that the fuse has burned out.

How To Replace The Start/stop Switch On The Engine?

keyless start system problem

If your Honda Pilot is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for any reason, you must repair it yourself or hire  a repair service. 
The most likely cause of this issue is faulty START/STOP Switch, which must be replaced.
  • Remove the passenger dashboard side cover.
  • Remove the passenger dashboard trim panel.
  • After removing the dashboard center panel, disconnect the connector.
  • Carefully peel down the lower cover of the driver’s dashboard on the right side to reveal the screws for the dashboard center middle trim. Remove the automobile’s humidity/in-vehicle temperature sensor.
  • Before removing the dashboard center middle trim, remove the screws that hold it in place.
  • Remove the ENGINE START/STOP switch assembly from the dashboard’s center middle trim.
  • Disconnect all harness connectors.
  • Connect the engine’s new ENGINE START/STOP switch assembly.
  • Replace all removed pieces in the reverse order they were removed.
  • Clear all DTCs with diagnostic system.
  • Check that the ENGINE START/STOP switch is operational and that the dash error has gone away completely.

How To Replace The Key Fob’s Battery?

keyless start system problem

If your Honda has been driven extensively or for a long time, the batteries in the Key Fob may have died. To fix this, you’d need to replace the batteries with new ones. It takes less than ten minutes to replace the batteries in the key fob, and all you need is a CR2032 battery and a small screwdriver.

  1. By pressing the button, you can slide the metal key assembly out of the Key Fob
  2. Pry the key Fob open from the inside using a prying tool or a little force.
  3. Replace the battery and reassemble the assembly, making certain that all of the clips are securely fastened.

Is It Possible To Manually Start A Push Start Vehicle?

A: Can You Manually Start A Push-Start Car? If you need to manually start your car, most automakers include a physical key in the key fob. Because there is no standard location for your car’s backup key slot, consult the owner’s manual.

Can A Push-to-start Engine Be Started Without A Key?

A: Some vehicles have a manual start feature, while others have a backup feature built into the key fob that works without the use of a key. If your keyless entry system has a START button but no mechanical keyhole, there is still a way to start the car. Press the START button to begin.


As simple and convenient as keyless start system technology is, it can occasionally encounter unexpected problems which may cause keyless start system problem. To be prepared for a problem with your keyless entry system, it’s critical to understand the potential causes and solutions.

A faulty key fob battery, a computer glitch, or a faulty vehicle battery are the most common causes of keyless device issues. You can address the issue with your keyless start system and keep your cool while driving by inspecting, repairing, or replacing components.

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