How To Start My Car Without Chip Key?

So, what should you do? What happens if the battery in your key dies? How do I start my car if I don’t have a chip key? Continue reading this post because we’d like to share with you all of the tips and methods for how to start my car without chip key

Bypassing the immobilizer is the most efficient way to start the car without the chip key. Simply bypass the wiring and your vehicle should be ready to go. This method, however, is only for people who are familiar with driving.

How To Start My Car Without Chip Key?

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An RFID chip is embedded in the head of chipped keys, also known as transponder keys. These keys have become an industry standard among vehicle manufacturers.

This is because the RFID chip adds an extra layer of security to your vehicle’s ignition.

Transponder chips are designed in such a way that they cannot be bypassed in any way, which means that you cannot start a car without the chip. An authorized dealership can read your vehicle’s required frequency and create a replacement.

1. Take the plastic cover off your key. A screwdriver may be required.
2. Take the transponder chip out. It appears to be a small black square.
3. Wrap the chip in tape and stick it near the ignition lock.
4. Try starting the key with your disassembled key or a replacement key without the chip.

1. Consider Using Hotwires.

A hotwiring is when you get it around the ignition. When you start the engine, a series of cables or wires are connected. The ignition lock is in charge of keeping the vehicle safe.

When a car key is inserted into a lock, a circular switch pack is activated, which connects the appropriate wires to form a connection.

Remove the plastic cover from the steering wheel. Take out the screws on both sides as well. You can now quickly access the ignition system. Remove the battery wire insulation near the end. Cut the ends of the power wires with a cutter. The radio’s ignition will turn on. Connect those wires to the starter motor.

2. The Most Economical Way To Get A New Transponder Key

how to start my car without chip key

If you’ve already lost all of your key copies, you’ll need to hire someone to create a new one for you. Depending on who you hire, the cost will range between $200 and $600.

On the surface, going to the dealership makes a lot of sense. After all, you bought your car there, so it stands to reason that they will have the quickest and cheapest method of replicating the key. The truth is quite the opposite – not only will you have to tow your car there, but you will also have to pay over $400 to have a new key made.

3. How Do I Start My Car If I Don’t Have A Fob?

how to start my car without chip key

The technology of the transponder chip evolved into modern keyless fobs that must be kept close to the engine’s ignition.
Designers make certain that you can easily open the car and start the engine.

Start the car immediately!
Most automakers anticipate the need for keyless ignition if the fob fails, so a system that works even if the remote is not working has been developed.

Most cars have a manual start feature, and others have alternatives built into the key fob that works quite well without a key.

Even if your vehicle has a keyless entry, there is a key slot near the steering column.

4. Smart Key: Start the car with a dead battery

When designing the smart keys, they kept the emergency in mind, as well as how to get the car running if the key fob was damaged or the battery died.

As a result, the driver is provided with key fobs that contain a passive RF chip that does not require any energy to be detected by the immobilizer circuit and sensors.  The passive RF chip will be detected by the start engine, and the car will start. Which helps to know how to start my car without chip key

5. Reprogramming Keys

Car keys are paired devices that can only be used with one vehicle. As a result, there is some programming and encryption between a specific car key identifier and a specific remote. If this programming is lost, the car key will no longer function.

Repair- Take your vehicle to a specialized garage or dealership to have the key programmed into your vehicle’s central locking system. Advanced machines and techniques can be used to complete this process.

6. How do I turn off my transponder key?


Here’s how you can disable a transponder key by yourself.

1. Get into your vehicle and start the engine.
2. Press the “On” button for 10 minutes and 30 seconds, then press the “Off” button again.
3. Repeat step 3 twice more, ending the third cycle in the “Off” position.


Starting the car without the transponder chip is impossible, but at least you now know how to get inside your vehicle. If you found this article helpful, I recommend checking out our other guides and reviews to learn more about how to start my car without chip key

The information provided above should assist you in diagnosing a problem with your car, ranging from a simple battery problem that you can handle yourself to more complicated problems that require advanced machines and expertise.

If you are unsure how to start your vehicle or what is causing it not to start, consult an expert or authorized dealer to get your problem resolved.

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