How To Make OSB Smooth? [Full Guide]

The usual idea that many people think of when you wash the automobile means that all the dirt, grit, and debris generated during the driving process have been effectively eliminated. This is true on a higher surface level. The heavy cakes on the layer of dust and filth have been removed, your car looks much better. This can fool you to believe that your paint is totally clean.

The surface roughness on the paint finish is due to the micro dirt, dust, and other contaminants. It can be industrial fallout, over-painted paint, metal chisels, dust, etc too. Here is how to make osb smooth of your vehicle.

Why Paint Finish Becomes Rough?

Did you ever wonder why after cleaning your automobile paint felt rough? Most newcomers find this difficult after a fresh wash. The paint still doesn’t seem clean even after a thorough hand wash. At the end of the day, the paint of your car suffers substantial road abuse.

It signifies your vehicle has impurities inserted into it if your paint seems in decent shape yet feels harsh to the touch. Things like traffic filth, micro grit, microscopic metal shavings, spray, hard water deposits, and many other things are found in your vehicle’s picture.

How To Make Osb Smooth?

When you consider automobile detailing, you start washing and vacuuming your car. Then automotive detailers may provide your car with considerably deeper cleaning using more specialized tools and car detailing products.

This might even mean removing sections of the car to cracks and cracks that never saw daylight. Follow these easy steps to achieve a smooth paint surface on your car.

1. Pressure Wash Your Car

You must park your car outside of cars or objects that you do not want to get wet or water damaged. It is recommended a large driveway or road. Make sure that you have access to an outlet when utilizing an electric pressure washer that powers your washer.

Make sure to rinse the car and spray any mud or other waste stuck on the surface before using any cleaner on the coach. After testing the pressurized washer, it is a good idea to start 4-5 feet from your automobile and approach it closer. Make sure all the windows and trunk of the car are closed before washing the car. Water might enter the car otherwise while washing.

2. Use A Detailing Clay

The second step in how to make osb smooth. Even if your car is clean and dry right now, don’t stop there. Contaminants are still likely to hang around and destroy your image. Substances like fat, bug sprinklers, brake dust, and water stains are not usually easy to notice, but they have a terrible paint appearance together.

Use a soapy-car wash remaining detailing clay and some lubricant – the clay work over your automobile is a great option. Set the pieces together and often knead the clay. Use your fingertips to feel the not-as-smooth paint.

3. Waxing As Next Step

Whilst the clay bar will remove any lying pollutants, to smoothen out microscopic surface defects, it is necessary to lightly cover by polishing on your car paint surface. Use a dual-action orbital polisher, apply a polishing compound to the foam pad and work on a small area of your vehicle at a time.

Add additional polishing agent when needed, buffing until all is even. Check how different paint portions reflect the lights. The waxing will make the car’s surface hydrophobic i.e the water will not stay on the surface and will win off as water beads. This will give that ultimate osb smoothness.

4. Final Cleaning

Once you don’t feel any snags anymore, just wipe the area with your clay bar or mitt down and take a clean microfiber towel. Feel your fingertips on the surface. Repeat the preceding processes on all parts of the car, work one or more parts at a time, and always properly lubricate the surface.

How To Maintain The Car Shine?

Ceramic lacquers provide unrivaled protection and are more lasting in their brightness. Of course, during the application process, it may demand a bit more elbow fat and time, and indeed it costs a little more, but if they only need reapplication every two to five years, the value changes ceramics at every time.

Irrespective of what sort of surface protecting you pick, only cool surfaces should be covered by wax and ceramic covering solutions and spread on well away from sunlight and wind with a clean, non-abrasive cloth or pad.

Steps To Avoid While Car Detailing

Almost all the cleaning products that you get in the market these days, react badly when exposed to direct sunlight. So avoid working in direct sunlight at any cost. The likelihood of water spots and soap residues clinging to surfaces will also be reduced. This should be remembered while learning about how to make osb smooth.

When washing an automobile, you should use two buckets, and NEVER use one. The first one should be filled with sudden car shampoos, and the second one with safe rinsing water.

Cost Of Detailing A Car

Awash, wax, internal vacuum, inner polishing, window washing, mirror cleaning, and pulling pneumatics must be part of the basic car detailing service. The typical size of the vehicle will cost $50 to $125, while SUV or van will cost $75 to $150.

Usually, an improved product is significantly more detailed. These details are different from place to place, so be sure to ask exactly what services you receive for your money. Ups to standard vehicles cost usually $150 and up and up and $175 for larger cars and freight vehicles. Detailing yourself, however, is much cheaper at less than 50$.


You can easily learn how to make osb smooth on your own. All these processes, safeguards, and products may seem somewhat harsh on the normal motorist. However, for individuals who want to eradicate dangerous toxins completely and protect their car’s paint, it is necessary to do and it can be a fun hobby too. If you still have any doubts, then feel free to comment down below.

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