How To Install Wheel Center Caps Easily?

Car modification in terms of visual appearance appeals to a lot of people by adding, logos, stickers, decals, and center caps are one of them, whether it is factory fitted or retrofitted by the person himself, Whatever the reason, you can’t deny that the overall appearance lacks something without the center caps decorating the wheels so in this post we will know, how to install wheel center caps

It is quite simple to install a center cap onto a wheel since it snaps into place with little effort. Removing the original center caps, on the other hand, can be a little more difficult. This procedure may be simple and just take a few seconds, or it may necessitate completely removing the wheel. Because each center cap is unique, there is no standard procedure.

How To Locate Wheel Center Caps?

You can locate your center caps very easily, just look down at your wheels in the middle it is used to cover the hub and parts of the hub from vandalism and the rust, mostly it has logos or company name, and removal and installation is different

Let’s look at the removal and installation process, shall we?

Tools Needed-

Some of the important tools required for this job are-

Set of Screwdrivers, Center Cap Removal Tool, WD-40, Car Jack, Clean Cloth, New Caps, and Muscle Power(Consider your gym friend)

For Removal Of Old Center Caps-

Depending on the manufacturer and their designs, it is mostly a simple and less troublesome process.

Step-1: Open The Notch

Wheel Cap Installation

Most manufacturers keep a notch between the center cap and wheel which helps for its removal, just use a pry tool or flathead screwdriver put little force and it’ll pop open the cap.

Step-2: Wheel Trim Removal

Wheel Cap Removal

If you notice two pinholes, the procedure will be pretty simple. Insert the tip of a center cap removal tool into one of the pinholes and slowly but firmly lever the cap out of the wheel

Step-3: Using Jack and Hammer

If this won’t help you, then consider using your old friend, the car jack lift your car a little bit use a screwdriver from the back of the wheel near the center cap give it a gentle push and it’ll be out fairly easy isn’t it (don’t use hard force it may break or scratch major parts or harm your brake lines)

Step-4: Removing Using Hammer and WD-40

If your Cap is jacked in between and not coming out you can use WD-40 or any penetrating liquid which will help it to break free and come out without any hassle.

How To Determine Center Wheel Cap Size?

Do all of the wheels fit universally before we get there? What makes you assume wheels will have universal fit/size center caps

Wheel Cap

I hope this solves your question. Remember that this is a wheel attachment that will vary in style, appeal, and size.

A fast fix is looking at the present cap’s rear and writing down the component number. Try Googling the model on auto accessory websites to see if you can find any viable things as well as other possibilities.

How To Install Wheel Center Caps?

It is the simplest but fun part without the use of any tools and very less time-consuming part, these are the steps for its installation-

Step-1: Removing The Old Center Caps

Wheel cap removal and installation

Remove the old wheel center cap, by using the methods given above by us if you are not confident enough consider watching youtube videos, fairly easy right.

Step-2: Cleaning The Hole

After removing the cover, make sure the hole is cleaned or washed so there is no dust or debris between them

Step-3: Checking And Inspecting New Caps

If this is your first time purchasing a car modification please consider checking its quality and mainly the size of the cap if the size will mismatch it’ll not fit plushly and look very odd on your vehicle 

Step-4: Installing New Caps

Remove wheelcap at home

Take out your new shiny center cap, align it to the center of the hole, and press it gently.

How To Install Wheel Center Caps Without The Tire?

You must have the necessary equipment to elevate the car while working on the wheel.

Audi wheel cap removal kit

Step 1: Raise the Vehicle

Prepare your tools and jack the car. Lift the wheel you’ll be working with to a proper height. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time pulling it off.

Step 2: Take out the Lug Nuts

Remove the lug nuts that hold the wheel in place slowly.  If you have superior tools, use them to reduce physical labor.

Step 3: Take Off the Wheel

Once the lug nuts are out of the way, it’s time to flex your muscles. Pull the wheel toward you to detach it from the vehicle.

Step 4: Replace the Center Cap

At this point, the steps are rather obvious. Simply place the retention ring into the center cap. There will be no clips on this one. Instead, the metal hoops will keep the ring in place. The retention ring keeps the cap securely in place in the wheel.

Step 5: Attach the Center Cap

Simply place the cap into the center where there is a hole. Replace the tire and tighten the lug nuts. Lower the vehicle with the jack.

Still Not Confident How To Install Wheel Center Caps? Watch The Tutorial:


Wheel Caps installation is usually a simple task but sometimes it can be a headache, if you having issues we have addressed some of that

1. Wheel Center Cap On Rims Won’t Plush, What To Do?

Ensuring that the offset is correct and that there is nothing wrong with the car, perhaps the front hub assembly was replaced with a cheaper, generic auto parts store brand, which is always possible if you bought the car used…

But it has to be the offset. If the stock center caps fit perfectly, or the parts are mismatched that’s maybe the main cause

2. How To Install Wheel Center Caps From Coming Out Of My Wheels?

Use high viscosity glue, like silicon glue, or if it is not available any super glue will help, just put a little dab on the clips and sides of the cap and fix it immediately. Hope it helps


Now that you know how to install wheel center caps, Installation of Wheel center caps is a very simple operation that may begin immediately if the measurements are taken precisely. Once you’ve completed all of that, it’s time to hit the road. Congrats you have replaced your caps successfully.

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