How To Get A Stuck Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly Off Easily?

Imagine you are in hurry to reach somewhere, you get into your car and are ready to move, as you start to drive your car you hear your tire screeching and your engine revving like crazy, you got out of your car and see tire marks and got to know your wheels are stuck pretty complicated situation isn’t it this is caused due to bearing failure and in this post, we will know about how to get a stuck wheel bearing hub assembly off your car

Wheel hubs are usually not difficult to remove. When the wheel hub and wheel knuckle are composed of different metals, the wheel hub can corrode and become jammed within. The wheel hub is constructed of steel, while the wheel knuckle is made of aluminum. This combination caused corrosion and cemented the pieces together, making removal difficult. It’s a common problem and we will help you to get a wheel bearing hub assembly off.

Why Is My Wheel Bearing Hub Stucked?

Wheel hubs are often composed of high-strength steel, but the steering knuckle to which they are joined is typically made of aluminum. This results in a process known as corrosion. corrosion is a naturally occurring process in which two different metals react with each other, effectively fusing the wheel hub to the steering knuckle throughout their regular service life.

What Are The Reasons?

Car Parts are known for wear and tear which may be caused due to various factors including

  1. Old Vehicle with less maintenance and less care given to the car
  2.  Bad Driving Method/ Rash Driving
  3. Unusual Steering movement or uneven braking.

How To Know Wheel Bearing Has Gone Bad?

Imagine you’re driving at average speed and you took a sharp left/right edge, you hear your wheels screeching for their life with no or minimal control on your steering or grinding sound while riding at high speed, this can be an open invitation for an accident, so we need to replace it ASAP

How To Remove Stuck Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly Off?

Wheel hub diagram

As a “wheel hub and bearing” arrangement, wheel bearings are either pressed or bolted together. Unfortunately, as car manufacturers reduce costs and use lightweight metals like aluminum in more locations on the vehicle, removing the old hub and bearing assembly has become a nightmare for vehicles that use this type of bearing, particularly in the rust belt (or salt belt).

What To Do If The Assembly Doesn’t Come Out?

If the rim/tire will not come off, simply put the lug nuts halfway on, jack the car back up, and let it roll for a few feet. The weight of the automobile on the wheel should be enough to break it free. If the rotor is stuck to the hub, you’ll need a flame and a rubber mallet; heat, pound, and repeat. If the hub is seized to the knuckle/axle, you can attempt sledgehammering the axle to separate them.

Method 1: Checking The Wheel Assembly

Wiggle your hand at the top or bottom of the tire. It’s as if you’re attempting to pull it off while still attached. They are starting to move back and forth. Also, when they deteriorate, they will begin to grind, which you will undoubtedly hear while driving. It sounds like metal on metal.

Method 2: Removal of Stuck Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly

  • Air up your car with the help of a jack and up your hand brakes and change gear from N to D or any gear this won’t let the wheel move while removing it
  • Remove the Lugnuts and the Wheels from the vehicle and, change gears to N
  • Check whether all of the components like Brake Caliper, Rotor, and Hooks are completely off the Car
  • Remove the axle nut, using the axle nut socket, and wiggle it until it starts to break free
  • Check for the sensor wire, brake lines, and connector joints

After Checking All The Steps Head To Next Process

After checking all the required steps, we will move on to the removal of the stuck bearing using these methods-

Required Tools-

Heat torch, Needle-nose pliers, a ratchet wrench with various sized sockets, Car Jack,flat-head screwdriver, jack and a star wrench for loosening nuts on the wheel, WD-40, Air Hammer

Step-1: Inspecting Your Car

 Check whether the steering knuckle bolts are removed it may be the cause your assembly won’t come out, check for bolts and clips

Step-2: With Minimal Force And Hammer

 Try to pull out the hub assembly by applying minimal force or by heating the joints, While heating the assembly line keep in mind to heat the surface evenly all around if corrosion is the cause it is stuck it may cause more problems later.

If Hammer is available give the back of the hubs a little hit which may break the bond

Step-3: Using WD-40

Using WD-40 for removal of hub

Use penetrating fluid or wd-40 with heat as it will penetrate quickly and break the bond loose

Step-4: Using Air Hammer

use of air hammer to remove stuck wheel assembly

An air hammer can be useful. The secret to loosening a wheel hub with an air hammer is not how much force you use, but how you apply that force.

Do not attempt to pull or force the wheel hub away from the steering knuckle. Instead, use an air hammer to twist the wheel hub mounting in respect to the steering knuckle while avoiding contact with it. When the wheel hub begins to revolve while the knuckle stays held in place, the rust will have been broken free and will be much easier to remove.

Step-5: Bearing Rotates

If the bearing moves it means it broke free from the corrosion, just apply some muscle power with very light hammering on the side and it’ll break loose and it’ll come out easily.

What’s The Cost Of Replacement?

Wheel hub assembly

The price will vary substantially based on the manufacturer and model. The bearings themselves might cost anything between $40 and $100.


When you find your car’s Bearing is stuck yet won’t come out, we determine that it is a messed-up issue. If we want our automobiles to function properly and without any technological faults, we must address their concerns as well. And don’t do anything hastily, as this may cause further problems. We hope you found this post about, How to get a stuck wheel bearing hub assembly off? informative and that it helped you get the most out of your vehicle.

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