How To Bypass Speed Limiter On Trucks?

Imagine you work 12 hrs shift a day and want to complete your task early and reach home and get a good nap but your vehicle doesn’t want you to why? Because of the speed limiter set by the manufacturer. In this post, we will know how to bypass speed limiter on trucks.

It is determined by the vehicle. The ECM in modern trucks controls the speed limits. The ECM cannot be removed, however, if you own the truck, you can have the limits increased. I’d wager that all modern speed limiters are in software rather than a device installed on the vehicle. If you own the vehicle, all you need to do is reprogram it.

How To Bypass Speed Limiter On Trucks?


Speed limiters are only intended to limit the speed of a vehicle. There are no surprises here. Speed limiters can be implemented for a variety of reasons, including legal obligations, industry standards, safety considerations, or a combination of these. The speed limiter governs the maximum speed at which a vehicle can drive.

A device that can write fresh computer codes to the vehicle’s ECU is one approach to bypassing the speed limits. By resetting the computer chip, you can avoid your vehicle’s speed limiters as well as other power and torque constraints. The ECU Programmer, which replaces the original ECU and allows you to rewrite its code, is another gadget that can accomplish this.

If you’re looking for an ECU programmer, keep in mind that not all models are compatible, so make sure you get one that will work with your truck.

1. Benefits Of Bypassing Limiters-

1. By eliminating the speed limit from your vehicle, you will be able to travel faster while avoiding engine and gearbox problems.
2. Driving at a greater pace will result in less transmission and engine noise. Furthermore, your truck’s fuel usage will be lower than usual.
3. You can travel farther without sacrificing engine power or power.

2. Problems Caused Due To Bypassing Limiters-

1. It is nearly impossible to restore factory settings after installing a new chip in the vehicle.
2. Disconnecting the cables that connect your truck’s ECU to the ignition control module (ICM) disables the other safety features and causes your vehicle to malfunction.
3. If you employ an ECU programmer to remove the speed restriction from your car, you must replace the computer chip to return it to factory specifications.

Removing Speed Limit-

bypass speed limiter on trucks can be a tricky job to do, it may cause several malfunctions on your truck as well as can void your warranty completely and even cause failure in your truck. We’ll recommend you watch the tutorial before proceeding or contact a professional who’ll tell you how to bypass speed limiter on trucks.

1. Removing Speed Limit Using ECU FLASH

ECU FLASH specializes in speed limitation removal for a wide range of vehicles, including most HGV trucks. Removing a speed limitation is safe and legal on most vehicles, but before conducting any services, Removing the speed limitation can boost performance and increase fuel economy

Removal of the speed limit is suggested for automobiles that will be used on tracks or exported to be utilized on roads with no speed limit. If you want to boost your vehicle’s performance. But you have to purchase their service package to do this.

2. Removing Speed Limit Using TruckExplorer

TruckExplorer is a paid software that is used to flash the ECU for speed limits and other functionality of the truck

Truck Explorer Evo Full (LifeTime License for FREE, no additional payment required) • Carscanners group on-line store

Step:1 OBD interface:

Connect the VEI to the OBD2 port.

Step: 2 Configuring Vehicle Info

Launch the ‘Truck Explorer’ software and select *your vehicle* OBD option.

Step: 3 Setting Parameters

Select ‘Parameters – PTM / FFR

Step: 4 Increasing Speed Limit

Choose ‘Speed limit’ and enter the required number;

Then click ‘Set speed limit,’ and you’re done!

2. Using direct connection (DC mode)

  1. Connect your VEI device, DirectConnect2U tool (DC2), and FFR / PTM cable to the ECU.
  2. Select the Your Vehicle Name option in the Truck Explorer software.
  3. Select ‘Parameters – PTM / FFR’;
  4. Choose ‘Speed limit’ and enter the required number;
  5. Then click ‘Set speed limit,’ and you’re done!

3. Disable Speed Governor

Here’s how to turn off the speed governors on your truck:

Step 1: First, go to your local auto parts store and buy a power programmer. The powerful software allows you to disable the speed limits and override your present system. You will be given instructions on how to install the software.

Step 2: Now, uninstall the old computer program from your vehicle. The power software will provide you with directions on how to remove it from your truck.

Step 3: After removing the old power programmer, install the new one (it will be best if you do the task with the help of a professional). You can now remove the governor from your truck by gaining access to it and can bypass the speed limiter on trucks.

Is Bypassing Speed Limit Legal?

It depends upon the country you residing, if you are living in Australia the speed limit is 100KM/H which is done for the safety of the driver, as well as other people as truck drivers, have a hectic schedule and they may pass out due to stress and fatigue which may cause major accidents,

Also, Removing the speed governor causes the engine’s RPM to exceed the redline, which is enough to damage the engine. But it doesn’t stop there. You also break the law by disregarding the government’s laws and regulations.

However, removing the speed governor virtually eliminates the possibility of being caught.

Cost Of Bypassing Speed Limiter

The cost of removing the speed limiter may vary from truck to truck which may cost between $80-$200 per repair person.


It is feasible to circumvent the truck speed limits. It is not advised unless you have prior experience with this type of vehicle modification. Furthermore, to avoid damage to your truck, you should always see an expert repairman. Your truck’s speed governor is a crucial safety element. It reduces the speed of your truck to ensure your safety. Hope you liked our post on how to bypass speed limiter on trucks.

However, it is sometimes necessary to modify the speed governor. In this regard, I hope this post will assist you in adjusting the truck’s speed governor.

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