How To Fix P0449 Code On Car?

Sometimes while driving our car we smell fuel odor or fumes in the cabin which comes with a check engine light although we don’t keep an eye on it and kept driving but in the long run, it may create large problems, and most of the time it is caused due to faulty emission system or the P0449 Code let’s find out what is P0449 code and how to fix it?

P0449 is a generic OBD2 fault code that indicates a problem with the EVAP vent control circuit. This code may be observed in conjunction with other EVAP system codes.  The P0449 DTC indicates a problem with the evaporative emission control system vent valve or solenoid. The ECU recognizes this malfunction and illuminates the Check Engine Light on the dashboard.

Cause Of P0449 Code On Car?

The P0449 error code was most likely caused due to-

The system’s connection, cables, or circuits may be experiencing a connectivity difficulty, resulting in a misleading readout. Finally, the powertrain control module, engine management computer, or engine control module may be defective, resulting in a misleading reading or indication light. Code P0449 might be caused by faulty vent valves, fuel tank filler necks, EVAP hoses, carbon canisters, gaskets, or fuel tanks. Because P0449 refers to an evaporation system leak,

1. How To Diagonose P0449 Code

We can diagnose this problem by using the OBD scanner, which can be found in any hardware store or online platform for under $10. To use the OBD tool connect to your OBD port under the dashboard and click on it to scan.

After scanning it’ll show the fault codes like P0449 which will tell us the problem in the specific part.

2. Problems Caused Due To P0449 Code-

  1. Noticeable Illuminated Check Engine Light
  2. Unusual Engine Performance
  3. Reduced Fuel Economy

3. Symptoms Of P0449 Code-

  1. The Check Engine Light is illuminated, and there is a strong odor of gasoline.
  2. P0440, P0441, and P0456 are commonly related to error codes.
  3. The wire harness may have a short or an opening.
  4. There might be an intermittent or poor-quality electrical connection.

Fixing P0449 Code?

The P0449 code repair procedure varies depending on what caused the problem and, in certain situations, the vehicle’s make and model. Replacing the EVAP canister vent solenoid/valve, for example, is one of the most popular confirmed remedies for P0449 in most cars.

If you are confident in your automotive expertise and DIY abilities, you may be able to address the problem yourself. Utilize our vehicle repair information and resources.

Also, before doing repairs, examine your owner’s handbook to prevent accidentally adding to the problem with a remedy that isn’t suited for your car.

Steps For Checking EVAP Problem

Before starting inspection make sure you have compatible tools like an OBD scanner, Tools for the procedure, and patience. If you have all of these let’s begin the fix

Step 1: Inspecting The Problem

Check to see whether the gasoline cap gasket is dry or damaged. The P0440 code can be triggered if the cap fails to seal or maintain vacuum/pressure. Check the drain valve and valve stopper for appropriate operation and long-term vacuum maintenance, Examine the electrical harness exiting the right rear floor pan region at connection. The harness is situated in front of the EVAP canister and is normally worn. Make sure to thoroughly examine all of the wirings.

Step 2: Checking Wiring and Valves

Before repairing the wiring or touching the wiring we recommend removing the terminals from the battery and for an easy fix watch this tutorial-


If there is no obvious damage to the wire, do resistance, ground, and continuity tests on all connected wiring and compare the results to the values.

Repair or replace all faulty wiring to verify that the readings received are within specifications. To avoid controller damage, separate the vent valve control circuit from the PCM during resistance and continuity tests.

Step 3: Replacing Parts

Checking and changing the Evap solenoid is a bit of a task to do for this we recommend you to watch the tutorial for the replacement-

Step 4: Inspection

After fixing up the wiring or parts we need to reconnect our OBD tool and remove any pre-existing codes and start up the vehicle and run it for a while if the check engine lights go out you are good to go if the problem persists we recommend to visit your mechanic.

Cost For Repairing P0449 Code

The Cost of repairing the problem depends on the intensity of the problem, whether the wirings have gone bad or the parts. valve replacement costs between $ 155 and $ 182. The labor cost is anticipated to be $ 47 to $ 60, and the components cost is estimated to be $ 108 to $ 122.


When the P0449 code is activated, most of the time nothing major happens. The Check Engine Light may illuminate, but further symptoms are extremely unlikely. Most individuals continue driving, oblivious to the fact that something is amiss. We recommend that you have your car evaluated and repaired if you are experiencing any of the difficulties listed above; otherwise, it will be inconvenient in the long run. You can DIY at home with simple tools and parts by watching the tutorial above

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