How To Fix Car Speakers Crackling? [5 Ways]

Just imagine driving a car and listening to your favorite music in gorgeous weather, and then start to hear this crackling sound from your speakers. It’s so commonly happening and many people question why automobile speakers go bad and how? Car speakers crackle largely because the speaker and the amplifier are badly connected.

Another cause of cracking of the speakers is defective voice bobbins that can contact the magnet. Speakers also can break when powered by a too strong amplifier, and voice spindles actually pull the cone beyond its limits. Let us learn the common causes and how to fix car speakers crackling in this article.

How To Fix Car Speakers Crackling?

In the next section, we discuss these factors more closely and will also explain how crackling speakers are to be dealt with and how automobile speakers are to avoid crackling. The cracking speaker often signifies that the wiring connection of the speakers is incorrect. Here are the common causes.

1. Poor Wiring Issues

This is especially the case with the old automobile audio system, where cables in tight door places have been damaged over the years and the doors are thousands of times, a year are opened and closed. Radio side harnesses are generally in decent shape unless they are tightly packaged in the dashboard.

The connectors that are damaged are most frequently caused by the movement of speaker wires at the speakers. High danger, for example, is speakers on the rear decks, and try to replace damaged connectors if you have this problem.

How To Deal With Poor Connections?

Locate the broken wire’s two ends. Check for rust on the wire ends. Remove the damaged copper until clean, green copper is discovered when corrosion is observed. Measure the distance between the two ends and cut 3 inches longer than needed in a piece of fresh wire.

If, for example, a 3-inch space lies between the wires, cut a 6-inch long length of wire. Turn the new wire strands so they’re tight. Position the two outstanding ends together to create an X and then solder them.

3. Wrong Equalizer Settings

Your audio’s source material can be damaged or the EQ settings for the media player may be inaccurate. You might harm your audio unit speakers with the wrong configuration. Ensure that there are not too high bass or treble settings. It could be a hardware problem if that does not solve the sounds.

You may transmit more electricity than the system can handle to the tweeter. Tweeters don’t have to work with much power. Check if the tweeters’ RMS are the same or nearly the amp you use can output. Drop the gain setting to half if it’s powerful so that the signal supplied to the tweeter is reduced.

How To Set Equalizer Properly?

The easiest solution for how to fix car speakers crackling. You may also start cracking your headset by tailoring your EQ settings to your liking. If your music is loud (bass or triple), your setting is likely high for your media player, particularly if you hear popping or crackling sounds. First, if the problem is still there, you can try to decrease the volume and listen.

4. Problem With Headunit/Amplifier

The rocking noise you hear may be due to a weak tube connection inside the amplifier. Sometimes pulling the tubes softly might assist them better sit and attach to them, so that your problem has been solved. The cracking may also be caused by a defective tube, where you have to attempt and exchange them.

Amplifiers could overheat if the connection to the ground is inadequate or loose. The direct wire from the battery is the most efficient connection to the ground, but we cannot utilize several bolting locations in the chassis to connect the amplifier.

Can Audio Hardware Be Repaired?

Modern audio equipment is designed with delicate, unsuitable components, instead of replacing them. Your audio professional will know which ones you want to replace, how and where to find them. To regularly clean cable pins using a clean pencil eraser. Cable and solder junctions inspect.

Trace the input circuit line and tug on the wire gently. It might be a loose connection if it’s slack. Create and restore any loosely linked wires using your soldering. Brush off any remaining solder.

5. Dirty Audio Buttons

The popping and cracking of the speakers are caused by electric power (audio signal) or a loose or filthy connection. In order to solve crackling and popping, mend joint wires and secure the connection and/or substitute cables.

First, the connections between the amp and the terminals on the speaker itself are to be checked. If the wire tends to move, possibly by a cat or dog, something may have gone loose.

Cleaning The Audio Buttons

First of all, the contacts must be opened in the switch. It’s preferable on the side, usually, although it is different in design, particularly if the movement is between a rotation or a linear motion. Spray and operate a quick breakdown of the solution to remove impurities.

Wait for a bit, then administer a brief spray to wash off the pollutants and create a protective form. After the procedure, wait two minutes before using the unit.

How To Maintain Car Audio System?


You can prevent dealing with how to fix car speakers crackling. Nothing is more rapid than distortion killing a speaker or an amp. The amplifier gains your installer has tuned to match the output level of your head unit. When the system is complete, you shouldn’t touch the gain knobs. Turn it off if your sound begins to crack or distort at excessive intensity!

If you want to make it louder, you will need more power and you’re not going to twist your amp’s profit knob. Grounds should be examined from time to time to ensure that they remain tight and do not start to corrode. The same applies to your battery terminals and all electricity distribution blocks. If you want to keep the music playing, you have to keep that current running.

How Much It Cost To Fix Crackling Issues?

If you have an older automobile, you might wish to replace the speakers in your car. However, for a good quality sound, this is not always needed. You can substitute the $70 or $100 for the speaker in your car, or you can get a whole component speaker with crossovers, tweeters, and subwoofers for $800.


Crackling sound from the car stereo can be a mood spoiler, but you can easily learn how to fix car speakers crackling through this guide. If you still have any questions, then comment down below.

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