How To Fix A Broken Glove Box Hinge?

You may keep the stuff that you need nearby with your car’s glove box and console. They are also good at ridding minor items from sight, so minimizing your car’s attraction for thefts. But they are going from hiding places to nuisances when their locks and latches break. When the interior accessories of a car such as a pollen filter are serviced, the handle box is usually removed.

The locking mechanism can be broken, allowing the latch to continue to jam, as these components are continually removed. Another problem may arise when the glove box tabs break. To open the box the tabs are utilized with the key, and the glove box cannot open when the tabs fail. Learn how to fix a broken glove box hinge in this article.

Signs Of A Broken Glove Box Hinges

A broken glove box hinges can be easy to identify. It is essential that you know when the glovebox hinges are broken so that you can fix the actual problem regarding the glove box. Here are the common signs of a glovebox failure-

1. Stuck Glove Box

While learning about how to fix a broken glove box hinge, you will find that this is a very common sign. Check for obvious explanations such as external objects stuck between the door of the glove box and the surrounding region. The latch mechanism itself will most likely be defective. It comprises a few moving components which can become sticky if not properly greased.

The most frequent way to open a jammed glove box is to tap the latching mechanism cautiously and pull the door itself on a glove box. The emphasis is on gentle, patient attempts, not overwhelming strength. You can try and pop it loosely from below with a little flat screwdriver if your handkerchief has a slide within the lock mechanism.

2. Glove Box Not Closing Properly

A damaged glove lock makes your day-to-day driving a lot of trouble. Whether the box of gloves will not open or the box of gloves will not close. You can catch obstacles from your broken box of gloves and slip. So as you shut your glove box, it slides the catch back and forth from the path of the glove lock.

Some of the plastic could also have been shaved, such that the glove box lock couldn’t effectively hold the catch.

How To Fix A Broken Glove Box Hinge?

The glove box is an essential commodity in a car and is indispensable. You might think that repairing a broken glove box is a difficult task, but the repair job is as simple as it can be. If you follow the steps in this gid, then you can also get your glovebox repair at your home itself. 

1. Gently Open The Glovebox

The first step in learning how to fix a broken glove box hinge is to open it. Sometimes it can make it harder for your key to correctly unlock the inside hinge of your glove box. Take some basic engine oil and fasten it over the surface, adding a drop on your key so that the key is entirely coated. Drag and release the key in your glove box.

Don’t force the key too hard or snap the lock off for good and destroy it. You can remove the corrosion or grime stuck or lodged in an inner mechanism by lubricating the lock with motor oil. Put your nozzle on the opening of the lock, and squeeze the cleaner straight into the lock with spray braking cleaner.

2. Pull Out The Glove Box

Open the cabinet door. There are two tabs in the back that are snap-free, but they have to be free, as you have to close the door while you press and draw the tabs into the box. There are two tabs in the back. The door can then fall down so that the arm and door pins can be taken away.

Open and delete the content of the glove box. Take away the glove box’s limit arm by sliding the pin off. Grasp the glove box in front and behind and squeeze it until the entire glove box can be dropped. The emphasis is on gentle, patient attempts, not overwhelming strength. Take the lock back and forth and pull the door till it opens.

3. Repair Or Replace The Hinge

The glovebox hinge repair is easy. If it is made of plastic, then you can use the plastic welding method to fix it again. Using superglue is not advisable as it then won’t be able to handle the structural loads. JB weld is also a good option that can be used to repair the glovebox hinge.

If the hinge is so far gone, then it is advisable to just replace the whole glove box. If you have a common model, then you can easily have your part from a local junkyard at a very cheap price.

How To Maintain Glovebox?

The main cause for a broken glovebox hinge is the overloading of the glovebox. You should always remember that the glove box has weight limitations and it cannot be filled with too much stuff in it. You should always neatly organize the stuff that you are keeping inside the glovebox in order to increase its life.

Also it the glovebox has a locking mechanism, then make sure that you lubricate it from time to time so that a smooth operation can be ensured. You should always keep essential things in your glove boxes such as a first aid kit or a flashlight. These can be very vital in case of an emergency. 

Cost Of Repairing A Glovebox

Standard boxes for plastic gloves cost $50 or less, whereas boxes for stainless steel and aluminum cost about $50 to $60. Basically, if the glove box contains extra functions, the price will increase. You can also scout a used one from your local pull-a-part store if your car model is common as a Toyota Camry.


You can learn how to fix a broken glove box hinge very easily on your own and save a good amount of money. Always make sure that the glovebox in your car is functioning properly. It contains essential things like a first aid kit and can be very handy in an emergency situation. If you still have any doubt, then comment down below.

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