How To Disengage Anti Theft System?

Technology has paved the path for greater automotive safety measures. That is why it is much more important to put anti-theft systems in the car. This is both a valuable invention and an issue for automobile owners. In some cases, it may not work successfully with the anti-theft technology and you have to disengage it.

We know regularly the bothersome problems caused by anti-robbery systems. Most people report the activation of an anti-theft system without significant dangers, i.e. a false alert can be generated. If you are faced with a problem, learn how to disengage anti-theft system in this easy article.

What Causes Anti Theft System Problems?

Theft protection systems are designed to prevent auto theft. Theft control systems. Most of them do an excellent job. But theft-resistant systems also create a lot of troubling complications. Maybe not start your automobile. Or, when you are driving, your system will suddenly kill the ignition, forcing your car to stop. Here are the common failures-

1. Aftermarket Installation

The installer is the major concern with the aftermarket setup. If you’re adequately trained and do a professional job as the person who wires your anti-theft system, you should not run into problems as long as it is functioning correctly. But the installer can cause several potential problems if it undertakes a hack task to split into the wiring.

Taps into the wrong power circuit can steal voltage from a crucial system, which could cause additional problems that seem unrelated to the anti-theft device. We learned about an anti-theft aftermarket system that sets motor error codes when the ignition was split seconds or two while the vehicle was on.

2. Problems With Anti Theft Modules

The quality or durability of the electronics used in the anti-theft module is also a problem with some aftermarket anti-theft systems. This is a common thing that comes across while learning how to disengage the anti-theft system. Many electronics are coming from China today and many of these use very low-quality recycled chips and other components.

As a result, the electronics crash one or two years down the road, and the system begins to cause or entirely fail. The only thing to do is get a system with the longest warranty possible and expect the manufacturer to be still in business and honor that warranty if you have a problem later.

How To Disengage Anti Theft System?

It is possible that somewhere in your automobile, the anti-theft system will not work properly. This could be for numerous purposes, including the dead battery in your remote. There may be also harm to the immobilizer chip on your key or damage to the door cylinder of the car. You will need to discover a technique to switch off your automobile if your car’s anti-theft system doesn’t operate properly so that your car returns to regular operation. Here are some ways-

1. Check Keyfob

This should be your first step in learning how to disengage anti-theft system. First of all, the key fob battery should be examined. The falsified anti-theft alarm is probably activated if it is dead and the system has not been disengaged. Replace the fresh one for the battery if it dies. The door lock cylinder could then be checked.

The thief would have been trying to shatter the lock cylinder if the robber’s effort is true. You might not use the proper automobile key in another situation. Some keys have no precise chip for ignition function. Fix the underlying faults and you would have an easy solution as to how to break the system of anti-theft.

2. Starting Car With Bad Immobilizer

All drivers dread is that they can’t start the car. It could lock your engine if the anti-theft system is activated. Wouldn’t this be mischievous? This is why it becomes vital to disable the anti-theft mechanism. Check the light on the dashboard of your car for the beginning, either a blue or red light.

Then insert the engine key and leave it for a minimum of 10-15 minutes. Finally, the anti-theft light has to be checked, whether or not it is blinding. When the light is off, turn off the key and allow another 2-3 minutes to be like this. Try rebooting; inflammation should work.

3. Use The Spare Key

First, put the key on the driver’s side of the automobile door. You can use the physical key this time around when you have keyless technology. Turn the system key, but don’t remove the keys. Allow the key to remain for around 20-30 seconds in the keyhole.

If you do, the system knows that you are a true user and can turn around anti-theft. You might also attempt to turn the key back and forth; that can be fruitful as well. You can now proceed with the car start. It would certainly work! For advice on how a car theft might be mitigated, see the maintenance tips.

How To Reset Anti Theft System?

Turn the car key to unlock it without releasing the car door. Keep the key in position for 30 seconds. This tells the system that you have the appropriate key and allows you to bypass the alarm system of the car. Some cars identify the key only by turning the key back and forth inside the lock key cylinder of the door.

Try turning the car key completely to turn its anti-theft system off. Try to start the motor. Take the key and then attempt to start the motor. Make sure you leave the key cylinder unlocked.

Cost Of Repairing Anti-Theft System

Diagnostic and testing antitheft costs between $44 and $56 on average. The projected labor costs vary from $44 to $56. Taxes and charges are not included in this range and do not influence your particular car or place. Reparations associated with this could also be necessary.


Problems related to the antitheft system can be annoying. But you can learn how to disengage anti theft system in this easy guide. Never leave any problem related to the anti-theft system unattended as it may leave your vehicle immobilizer. If you still have any questions, then comment down below.

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