Why My Car Vent Selector Not Working?[3 Methods]

The car vent selector not working was one of the unpleasant events I was facing previously as it was a hectic sunny day. Motor valves go towards a steady supply of airflow inside the vehicle, which is necessary for the folks sitting in the car. You may have probably encountered circumstances in which your automobile air inlet regulator has dried up, certainly throughout the chilly colder weather.

If you notice this type of problem and want to fix it right away, read this article all the way through since it covers all you need to know about bad air locators including its causes, solutions, cost of fixing, and much more, so stay tuned!

What Does It Mean By Car Vent Selector Not Working?

Three or four electromagnetic modulator rotor circuits in the apertures in road vehicles could be customized by the thermal management system. It flows up the refreshing air of the air conditioner. When you do have the A/C on, it assists the automobile to stay cool and comfortable. If you are not able to on the switch of vent controller then there is an issue with the same.

What Are Causes Of Not Working Air Intake Selector?

There are some common and important reasons that people mostly experience whenever they face this kind of situation. They are mentioned below. Let’s have a look.

1. Inadequate Coolant Supply:

Whenever you are stuck in this kind of issue, low refrigerant would be the main cause behind the bad valve locator. So if your engine’s condenser standards are low, you’ll notice a considerable drop in the freezing impact of the breeze blasted into it. So make sure there is a better supply of registrants in your car.

2. Problem With The Modal Oscillator:

This is the other main reason why your car’s valve selector is not operating properly. If a defect occurs in this part, you will see it was locked inside one point and cannot be moved. However, your shutoff valve option will not be able to operate in such a case.

3. Destroyed Pipes:

One car’s valve is linked to numerous nozzles that transit liquid flows, accordingly, when these gaskets are damaged, there are high chances that airflow would not operate effectively. So make sure that these hoses are in better condition. And whenever you are checking this part, you should do it with professional assistance.

4. Faulty Transmitter:

Due to some factors, some electrical issues arise including a faulty transmitter, because of this the electronic impulse can not ever reach the ignition switch out from the power supply. And therefore, faults in the relay ultimately lead to malfunction in the valve controller.

How To Fix Fault Vent Switch?

Almost any concern has a plausible solution, so here are some strategies to manage this set of circumstances by using the right techniques to remedy the air identifier that is not functioning perfectly.

Method 1: Repair Or Replace The Compressor Fan:

Compressor fans are placed behind the steering column. How does it work? It is a generator that blows air via valves which is an essential part of our car. Sometimes, due to some reasons, it gets broken or faulty which may results in the car vent selector not working.

Method 3: Check The Vaccum Connection:

Sometimes the issues with the air selector arise due to faults in the vac connection. So before taking your car to the mechanic, you should check the vacuum tube. If this part is not properly correctly connected to the selector switch, the problem with the valve selector will occur. So what you all have to do is, Simply reattach the vacuum connection to the actuator.

Method 3: Go To A Mechanic To Fix:

If you can’t figure out why your car’s air intake is occurring faults, then taking it to the garage is the ultimate solution to fix this issue. This might be time-consuming but the best way to solve this issue is. Sometimes problems are minor and we exaggerate them, so in these cases, we recommend you seek professional assistance

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Not Functioning Car Vent Slider?

If you wondering about how much I have to spend to fix this issue, then you should consider that it depends on the type of cause it’s occurring. Hence, one needs to keep $200 to $250 to fix this issue.

Is It Safe To Drive Without Fixing Bad Vent Controller?

It will be ok if you continue to drive if you are probably experiencing this issue. On the other hand, when we talk about safety then you must fix the air locator problem first if you are prominently experiencing this. As safety comes first, it will not be safe to drive without fixing this issue as it may arise some other troubles too.

How To Avoid An Issue Of Vent Locator That Isn’t Working Properly?

As we already know cleanliness is very important not only for the outer area but also for the inner ones. Small dirt particles enter the car and stick with the surface and the accumulation of this dirt will arises many issues. Concerning dirt and grime, the selection was wedged in one spot.

Therefore, keep your car well cleaned up and well serviced, and do necessary repairs and replacements of the faulty areas. And the most important, don’t be ignorant of these kinds of issues, By doing so you can easily prevent a faulty vent locator.


After the above discussion on why the car vent selector not working, how to fix it etc. We concluded that, when this kind of trouble arises, it will not create complications with the motor, but it might affect your pleasant and stress-free journey. We hope you find this post useful, and that you can get the most out of your vehicle as a result of it. If you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments section below and we will promptly respond.

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