How To Fix My Trunk That Won’t Close? [3 Methods]

Are you in trouble because of the issues with your car’s trunk? Don’t be bothered, as I have also faced a situation where my car trunk won’t close at all. Such an awkward situation it is. You can’t keep anything behind in your trunk, as it will not be protected due to this issue. If you notice this type of problem and want to fix it right away, read this article all the way through since it covers all you need to know about the bad trunk including its causes, solutions, costs, and much more, so stay tuned!

What Does It Mean By The Trunk Not Closing Properly?

In our vehicle, hatchback, or roadster, is indeed the main central repository for freight or belongings. And as we already know, it provides a storage facility to its users. Throughout many cars, the trunk is positioned inside the back of the trailer.

However, it is situated over the front of certain automobiles where the motor is placed in the vehicle’s center. Sometimes, the trunk of our car stop working or it remains open. It could suggest a malfunction with the compressor technology, something like a damaged circuit or connection, or a fault with the car’s power.

Why My Trunk Won’t Close?

When people are confronted with a circumstance like this, there are a few typical and fundamental reasons they experience. Let’s have a look at them.

The lock or trigger becomes displaced, which is typical during an unfortunate incident, and this is among the most frequent things why a trunk didn’t lock. This might indicate a problem with the keychain batteries, including cables and circuitry.

In rare circumstances, the indicator disruption could’ve been caused by a problem using the car’s power. Sometimes the reason behind this is an issue is jammed parts, which you can release with the use of respective fluids.


The following mentioned are some common signs people experience when this issue appears.

1. The Deploy Mechanisms Aren’t Running Normally:

As we click the remote key or inner hatchback unlock and none of it occurs, this is also a clue that there is a fault with the hatchback lock mechanism. This could suggest a malfunction mostly with compressor circuitry.

2. The Mechanical Deadbolt Lock Performs Excellently:

This is another most obvious symptom of this issue. When we attempt to release the trunk using the vehicle’s ignition key and it wouldn’t function. It means, your trunk locking motor is most likely faulty.

How To Fix A Faulty Trunk?

Almost any trouble has a good explanation, so here are some strategies to tackle this difficulty by employing appropriate procedures to repair the trunks that aren’t shutting.

Method 1: Examine The Lock For Any Breakage:

Damaged locks are one of the most common reasons why the trunk gets stuck, as it may not close correctly if the handle is damaged. Scratches near the clasp may cause the locking mechanism to become misaligned, preventing the lid from completely shutting. What you all have to do is, just repair or replace this part to fix this issue.

Method 2: The Latches Shall Be Properly Cleansed:

Keeping the cleaning in all parts of your car will reduce half of the issues regarding your automobile. This problem also occurs because sometimes, small particles of dust enter the respective areas. Nicely assess the locks on the transmission tunnel and the vehicle’s structure about any dirt, if you find it dirty, then clean them out. This is the easiest method to troubleshoot the trunk that remains open.

Method 3: Go To A Mechanic To Fix:

If the problem with the trunk is still not getting solved even after applying the above-mentioned methods of solving, you have to opt for this method as it is the ultimate way, through which you can overcome the situation. If you are not able to find your trunk won’t close, do not go very deeply as sometimes problems are very little and we make them huge, so in these cases, we suggest you consult a professional for further help.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix An Issue Of Boot That Is Not Working?

When people are faced with an issue like this, they often have a bunch of questions on their thoughts, the other being the one given above. As a result, the average cost of repairing the troublesome trunk is $240 to $250. So, to remedy this problem, you’ll need to set aside around $260.

Is It Safe To Drive When Your Trunk Is Not Shutting Down?

That’s not a good decision to drive with the trunk not accessible daily, as it could be dangerous and unlawful when conducted without justification. You should first fix the problem such as locking the device that is holding the car upright in position. Hence, it is not safe to drive without fixing this issue.

How To Avoid The Failure Of Trunk?

As we already discussed above, one needs to keep their automobile lock system cleaned. Apart from the aforementioned, you should keep your car well serviced, make essential repairs and replacements, and so on if you want to have an easy and enjoyable ride with your car.


After the above discussion, concluded that any rear deadbolt lock can malfunction for a myriad of purposes, but the really frequent faults are produced by a faulty car lock or an improperly positioned hatch. However, no more wondering about the question of why my trunk won’t close.

We hope you find this post useful, and that you can get the most out of your vehicle as a result of it. If you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments section below and we will promptly respond.

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