How To Fix Car Lights Dimming And Brightening?

It was midnight and I was so threatened with driving because my car’s headlights were not working properly, but somehow, I reached my place. Are you also facing the issue of car lights dimming and brightening? It is so terrible if it happens at night as during the day we do not need our car’s headlights. It’s a common problem and in this article, you will get to know all the best information about this issue, like its causes, methods of fixing, and much more. So stay tuned!

What Does It Mean By Car Lights Dimming And Brightening?

The main purpose of automotive headlights is therefore to enlighten the route and allow for symptom and effective navigation. The inside panel lighting and headlights are also particularly prone to flash and dim continually, which means there is an issue with your automobile. The luminosity varies depending on how the generator belt grips and glides. During the term, many belts lack suppleness and are exhausted.

Why Do My Lights Fade And Then Brighten?

When obstacles arise with this type of predicament, there are a few typical and crucial causes that they encounter. Below is a list of them. Let’s have a look at it.

1. Lights That Are Filthy:

Filthy lights are the most obvious reason why we are stuck in this kind of issue. The buildup of filth, pollen, and other debris can develop a layer that can obstruct brightness. It could be filth from the outside or dirt from within, with the aforementioned has always been easier to cope with. If it’s inside dirt, there is also a variety of tricks you can use to get rid of it.

2. Compressor Pulley Is Burnt Out:

Another main reason why we face our car lights dimming and brightening. As shortly mentioned above the intensity varies depending on how the generator belt grips and glides. So if there is any issue with the compressor pulley or it gets burnt, it is highly advisable to replace it soon, before it creates another issue.

3. Connection Problems:

Downed power lines can be the source of many technical problems in our vehicles. Let’s take a look at the figures in these situations, if the hydraulic lines fail, the lights are distributed haphazardly. As a result, ensure that the solenoid wires are in better condition, you should replace them periodically.

4. Headlights With A Faint Tint:

There is a plastic covering around the headlights to preserve the lamps from being damaged. Because of sunburn, this filament can become white or fuzzy. Even though the headlamps are functioning right, they may appear foggy, distorted, or worn white. To overcome this situation, you just need to replace this covering.

How To Fix Lowering And Flashing Of Automobile’s Light?

Every problem arises with valid solutions, so accordingly following are some ways by which you can overcome this situation by using suitable methods to fix faulty headlights.

Method 1: Consider Replacing The Faulty Bulb:

Sometimes, dimming and brightening of car’s lights happen due to bad bulbs. When it gets burnt this problem usually occurs. So to fix this issue, one needs to check the bulb and replace it. It is the easiest method to overcome this situation.

Method 2: Repair The Compartment Of The Light:

It is extremely important to periodically wash the car not only from the exterior but also the inner components like the chamber of the headlight. You can easily get rid of this issue by doing so. But if you forget to do the same, you could be in other issues as well.

Method 3: Take It To A Technician

If you can’t figure out why your car’s lights are constantly dimming and brightening,  don’t dig too deep because sometimes problems are little and we exaggerate them, thus in these circumstances, we recommend consulting a professional for assistance. It might be time-consuming but the best way to rectify the error.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Dimming And Brightening Of Car’s Headlights?

When people are usually stuck with this kind of problem some queries arise in their minds, and the above-mentioned question is one of them. Hence, the average cost required to fix the problematic headlights is $150-$220. So, one needs to keep around $250 approximately to resolve this issue.

Is It Safe To Drive When Car Lights Get Dim And Then Get Bright Again?

This is the crucially important question as safety comes first. Dimming and brightening of lights are not good for your automobile. You can conveniently drive in the morning and afternoon but at the time of evening and night, you need the headlights. So first you have to fix this issue. Accordingly, it is not safe to drive without solving the dimming and brightening of car headlights.

How Can Prevent The Light In My Car From Flickering And Brightness?

Adopt an LED controller with a power line, and look for dangling wires and any defective interconnections to avoid the happening of this event. Apart from the above, if you want to have an effortless and happy journey with your car, you should keep your automobile well serviced, do necessary repairs and replacements, etc.


The basis on the discussion above on the matter of car lights dimming and brightening, we concluded that headlights are the most essential component of our automobile. Car lights ensure almost people are secure on the streets and that’s the reason they must be dazzling sufficiently for you all to see clearly. But if somehow you are addressing issues in this part prominently, it means your automobile’s headlights need some attention.

We hope you find this post useful, and that you can get the most out of your vehicle as a result of it. If you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments section below and we will promptly respond.

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