Your Car AC Stops Blowing Cold Air After A While? [Fixed]

Hectic summer days are going on, and what is even more hectic in this is, that the car’s air conditioner alternates between blowing warm and dry air. One of the most necessary things is air conditioning on these nerve-wracking hot days. Are you also getting irritated because your car AC stops blowing cold air after a while? If yes, then go through this article till it’s the conclusion as it contains all you need to about this issue, like its reasons, frequently asked questions, and most importantly, how to fix it.

What Does It Mean By Car AC Stops Blowing Cold Air After A While?

Before knowing the causes, solutions, and a lot about this issue, it is essential to know what it actually means. Several elements of our car’s air conditioners frequently freeze, resulting in inconsistent refrigeration. The most common cause is fizzy condenser. Because an atomizer encased in ice cannot cool the temperature, this means the car stops delivering cold air periodically.

Why The Car’s AC Quits Circulating Cooler Air After Certain Time?

When disputes occur with this type of predicament, there are a few typical and crucial causes behind the same. Below is a list of them. Let’s get a look at it.

1. AC System Diffuse:

A spill or leakage in the air conditioning system is one of the most obvious reasons why the AC quits blowing cold air. In this case, a spill is usually driven by a complex of wetness and coolant, which generates a digestive acid after mixed. Replace or repair it soon as it will further lead to corruption, clogging, and malfunctions in other components.

2. Inability Of The Air Compressor:

Disfunctioining of air compressor could be another main reason why the air conditioner stops giving chilly feel. If the automobile uses a single or multiple blowers, it is indeed critical to look after they’re in a better operating state, so that you might maintain a constant temperature.

3. Insufficient Charging:

Sometimes, there is no or low level of charging in your air conditioning system. That is why totally inadequate chilling could be caused by a low charge in the air conditioner.

4. Other Technical Glitches:

Problematic wirings are sometimes the source of any technical issues in our vehicles. So, let’s look at what happens in these situations. Within continuous-loop scenarios, these parts are assembled out to provide electricity to the air conditioning system, allowing you to enjoy airflow. If any faults occur in these wiring, clutches, or relays will leads to a malfunction in AC. And that’s the reason your AC starts delivering warmer air.

5. Dirt In Inverter:

There are bunches of dirt particles that enter the car’s inner areas. These rubbish and debris elements by the roadside may not obstruct your vehicle’s aircon evaporator, but they might destroy something or lead to damage it. Therefore, probably it can be the reason behind the car’s AC stops blowing cold air after a while.

How To Fix The AC Not Producing Coolant After A Little?

Method 1: Recharge The AC:

Everything needs something in return, so they can work efficiently. And as every device needs charging to perform its responsibilities, the air conditioning system also needs the same. An air conditioning system in your automobile has to be charged up if it isn’t blowing chilly sufficiently. The liquid coolant could be recharged on your own too.

Method 2: Repairs And Replacement:

It is always not good to drive with faulty components, as mentioned above, there are some faulty components like an air compressor and malfunctioning AC due to mixing up of refrigerant and warm air behind the occurrence of this issue. So basically you have to repair it soon, and sometimes this happens due to the maturity of parts as they are fully utilized. So make sure you replace it using good quality parts as a new one.

Method 2: Take It To A Mechanic:

Mechanics are expertise in their field. And they know the best solutions for fixing the issues of your automobile. If you don’t want a time-consuming process in order to fix the car’s AC to stop blowing cold air, go straight to your regular garage and consult a professional.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix AC That Has Stopped Pumping Cold Air?

$300–$500 is an approximate cost required to fix the issue in the air conditioner. However, the cost needed to fix any Issues depends on the type of cause it’s occurring.

Is It Safe To Drive Without Fixing Issue Of Faulty AC?

People usually think about whether they can drive in such an issue or not. As safety comes first, you should fix this issue soon if you are prominently facing it. As a result, you can continue to drive your car even after the inconvenience in the car’s automobile.

How To Avoid An Issue Of AC Which Has Stopped Throwing Cool Steam?

As we already mentioned above you have to keep your automobile well updated, and serviced. Don’t let the dirt damage your car. And also keep the air conditioner well charged. By doing so, you can easily avoid the problem of AC that has stopped producing cool air.


Each component of the vehicle is crucial to its effective functioning since it performs a specialized role. AC is one of them, and AC is an essence of our car which makes our drive more pleasant, So whenever you are experiencing your car AC stops blowing cold air after a while, make sure you first check a refrigerant, a heat exchanger, and a cooler as your AC is consist of these parts.

We hope that you find the above information helpful, if you have more relevant questions or any other issues with your automobile, mention them in a comment box, we will surely try to get back to you with the best stuff.

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