Why Does My Car AC Smell Like Pee?

The evaporator is a key component of an AC system. The evaporator is designed to remove any humidity from the cooled air. This humidity ideally evaporates or drains into the earth by the drainage hole. It accumulates in the drain hole or the moisture does not completely dissipate the mold.

Most likely, a pee smell comes on your vehicle’s AC evaporator through the accumulation of mold, mildew, and bacteria or, to be technical, the mycotoxins of the fungus. Mycotoxins produce ammonium, which urine also contains, and you smell that. learn why does my car ac smell like pee and solutions for it in this article.

Why Does My Car AC Smell Like Pee?

Smelling pee or ammonia It probably isn’t because someone has relaxed where they shouldn’t have if you smell pee coming from your air-conditioner. The problem is likely to be mold instead. These may be more dangerous than some mold strains, so you need to check out your system right away. Here are the main reasons-

1. Dirty Evaporator Coil

The build-up of mold and bacteria on your evaporator spin is responsible. Mold and molten waters can grow because the humidity that continues to grow on your coil is driven by the dust that collects from inadequate filtering in the air conditioner over time and is particularly prevalent when your unit passes from a heating period to a cooling period.

It is not uncommon for the heat to be on throughout the night and mornings, especially in Southern California and Southern states, but only for a period of cooling later in the day. This warmth combined with dust and humidity in your AC device’s darkness is the ideal recipient of dirty sock syndrome.

How To Clean Evaporator Coil?

Use special evaporator cleansers to remove the unwanted odors from the system (disinfectants). A multitude of cleaners is on the market for AC evaporators.

Due to its rapid breaking mousse Evaporator Coil Cleaner entirely rinses itself, therefore the evaporator does not need to be rinsed after cleansing. The cleaning is supplied in an 8oz aerosol with a 12″ tube that assists the mouse to spray directly on the evaporator.

2. Bad Recirculation System

It already recirculates the air in the vehicle – it does what it says. A bad actuator of the system can be the reason why does my car ac smell like pee. That means you inhale more oxygen from the air with every breath, and you put out more moisture-inhaling air each time you exhale.

In the system that normally absorbs moisture—especially with the A/C evaporator, bacteria might thrive. When this occurs, your A/C vents can blow your cabin with a springy mildew-like stench.

How To Repair Recirculation System?

One common reason for failure is that it blown or otherwise broken the dashboard button for the recirculating system. Before trying to repair the overall system, make sure the automobile fuse for this system has not blown out.

The air intake door opens and closes when you push the air recirculation button under many passenger dashboards. When pressing the control button for the recirculation system, make sure this door opens and closes properly.

3. Dead Animal In AC Ducts

The hoods of automobiles and trucks are known to fly wild creatures, including mice, rats, piglets, squirrels, and opossums, in particular in wintertime. Attracted by the warm, safe surroundings, they establish nests in cozy corners and have fun with the electric wiring of the vehicle (it sharpens their teeth).

One creature is leaping out, but what about the animal turning up and slaying inside? Often, you don’t realize until you smell your car’s very bad scent. Bacteria left on surfaces after the body has been removed a persistent bad smell.

Ways To Scoop Out Dead Animal

It may not be easy to find the deceased animal. Engine compartments are closely packed with strangely shaped machinery, and every curve and corner is impossible to view or reach.

Then there is the question of those creatures that have a terrible death on the fan belt or crankshaft of the car. Bits and parts can be mounted and incorporated into difficult-to-reach locations. You will need a complete AC Service.

4. Poor AC Maintenance

The most common reason why does my car ac smell like pee? The unusual smell encountered from ACs is a stale and dirty smell by far. If the AC smells unpleasant, it generally leads to water accumulation in the drainage pan or drops liner, which can lead to the development of fungus and mold.

If you have a leak, your indoor ductless unit can even have visual indications like water running through the wall. Silty filters can also be a reason for such a scent. You can accumulate moisture in your filters if you live in a warmed and wet region and turn on the AC after a long time.

How To Properly Maintain Car AC?


Although the rainy season provides us with a little relief from the heat of summer, this does not imply that you can overlook the air conditioning system of your car. Check your trusted warranty brochure for the kind of care your automobile has to pay for.

For instance, most of the late 1990s models need periodical cleaning, so make sure that you follow it to the tea if your automobile has a particular airconditioning timetable. In this approach, you can prevent expenses incurred by long-term neglect in compression repairs.

What Is The Cost Of Car AC Service

Depending on the vehicle’s design, professional AC charging costs range between $150 and approximately $300. This service should be included in your vehicle maintenance schedule because of the coolant losses that occur over time.

Your technician will link up your vehicle and drain any dangerous gas from your car through a specific refrigerant system. The expert will inspect all your hard air conditioning lines to ensure that there are no apparent cracks.


There can be many reasons why does my car ac smell like pee? The basic thing is that the smell is caused due to the build-up of mold or bacteria. So it is very important to stick to the general maintenance schedule of the car AC in order to avoid it. If you still have any doubts, then comment down below.

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