How To Deal With All Wheel Drive Symbol?

If you go off-road for a hobby, you know that four-wheel drives are a requirement. In contrast to two roll-over automobiles, 4WD cars are fitted with a transmission case that pulls power out of the motor and transfers it to the front wheels and the rear wheels.

The majority of four-wheel-drive cars based on the situation, also have a low and large range. Although it has a button or shifts to engage four-wheel drives, auto manufacturers include a light on the dash to inform the driver about the configuration. Vehicles with four-wheel drive systems tend to have a separate light, learn how to fix all wheel drive symbol.


Meaning Of All Wheel Drive Symbol

The warning light on the instrument panel is the all-wheel-drive (AWD). If this light shines, a problem with the AWD system has been recognized by the car. The problem could be a serious one or simply the front and rear wheels are differing in diameter.

They are symbols of disabled all-wheel drive (AWD). All lights are displayed in yellow/amber and flash when the AWD system momentarily is disabled and when the system is not working properly. Open circles indicate the disconnection of the AWD system.

What Causes All Wheel Drive Light On Dash?

The equivalent light is on the dash when the four-wheel drive is applied. Multiple equipment vehicles will additionally specify the range selected. High and low are usually shortened to “hi” and “lo.” A continuous flash can be a problem, here are the reasons-

1. To Show Automatic Engagement

New models have begun using four-wheel-drive electronics. Some of these systems include automated 4×4 mode electrically controlled mode. In this mode, the vehicle is mainly kept in two-wheel drive mode until extra traction is required. The automobile’s computer monitors the rotating speeds of the wheel and sends power on all four wheels to keep the traction.

if it sees any sliding. For detailed information on your four-wheel drive system please refer to the vehicle’s owner manual. Although a button or shifter is used for four drives, the car manufacturer includes a light on the dash that allows the driver to know the configuration.

2. Problem With AWD System

Vehicles with four-wheel drive systems tend to have a separate light to show a problem. Normally designated “4WD service,” a code will be placed in the computer’s memory when this light appears to help identify problems. The four-wheel drive might be temporarily disabled depending on the problem.

Sometimes when four-wheel drives have not been utilized in a while the computer can assume the transfer case is not adequately greased. When your Service light switches on, try to move the oil a bit in the different equipment ranges. Hopefully, the light will be off the next time you start the motor.

3. Wrong AWD Mode Selection

All wheel drive symbol can indicate a wrong mode selection. The front and rear axles are driven constantly in full-time AWD. This type of AWD can help the car better manage and ensure that all power reaches the road on dry pavement. It also offers increased traction for safer, more reliable handling under slippery circumstances, such as ice, snow, or mud.

A part-time 4WD system can tear down the front axles, cut the differentiation gears and even break the differential case down on a dry surface. Just change back into 2WD when you hit the dry pavement.

4. Wrong Tyre Size

The warning light on the instrument panel is the all-wheel-drive (AWD). If this light shines, a problem with the AWD system has been recognized by the car, or the front and rear wheels are differing in diameter.

If you replace only one or two tires in an AWS car, you may lose traction unnecessarily and lose it or confuse the traction control system. A new pneumatic tire is bigger than one of the same brand, type, and size, part of its lifespan.

5. Problem With ABS System

When sensors are polluted with waste or metal cavities, the most prevalent ABS problems emerge. Dishes also arise when sensor wiring is broken, leading to a constant or intermittent operation. If your ABS system does not work properly, your car may probably slide, hydroplane, and lose grip under hard situations during braking.

The last moment you want to find out this is when you most need it in harsh situations that may lead to a traffic accident. In some circumstances, it may not activate the system and may be associated with erroneous wheel sensor input data.

Can You Drive With Flashing AWD Symbol?

The all wheel drive┬ásymbol usually indicates the functioning of the system. Four sliding wheel drives make a big difference in the driving capability of the car. You’re never supposed to drive four wheels on dry floors. Four wheels need to be slipped between the front and back wheels, which makes them ideal for gravel, snow, and sand.

On dry ground, the grip avoids sliding and allows the four-wheel drive to overload the drive system. Automated four-wheel-drive vehicles move between on-demand modes, so you do not have to worry about it.

Limitations OF AWD System

Go-Abilities, safe handling, and all-weather grip are just a few of the adjectives used to define AWD’s cars by marketing managers. These statements, however, are in most circumstances entirely misleading.

No problem, whether you drive an old school locking diff or a new Ford Kuga with a ‘clever torque vector system, you won’t go anywhere quickly if you don’t have the correct size rubber on the off-road.

How To Maintain AWD System?

All-wheel drive cars require transmission, transfer box, and differential fluid lubrication. The specified fluid levels and frequency are vital to maintaining the manufacturer. This is to ensure optimal performance by keeping the system lubed correctly. When you are on the road, always turn off the AWD except when the road is premium (ice, snow, mud, etc).


All wheel drive symbol can have a variety of meanings, ranging from the normal operation to some serious problems. With this guide, you should be able to identify it. If you still have anything further to ask, then comment down below.

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